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Flexo online production line printing folding carton will become a development trend

now, more and more international packaging production enterprises are using high mechanization, high automation, high joint mechanization equipment for folding carton printing processing. So far, there is no industry with such a high concentration of production capacity as the folding carton printing industry, and this development trend is immeasurable

according to statistics, around 2000, there were about 70 folding carton manufacturers in the U.S. market, and their annual processing capacity could reach 5million tons of paperboard; There are about 1500 folding carton manufacturers in the European market, and their annual processing capacity can also reach 4million tons of paperboard. For European folding carton manufacturers, there is still room to expand production scale and improve production capacity. The annual processing capacity of the three largest folding carton manufacturers in Europe is between 200000 tons and 240000 tons, and their actual production capacity exceeds the annual processing capacity of 300000 tons. After 2000, European enterprises showed the gap between them and their American counterparts. Therefore, while expanding the production scale and improving the production capacity of the new material industry that has successfully developed high-efficiency, energy-saving, heat preservation and fire safety, we are looking for a cheaper production method for folding carton printing, so as to reduce the cost of the whole production process, and flexo online printing is a very ideal choice. There are many successful applications of flexo online printing folding carton. In the United States, Australia, France and the United Kingdom, they use online production of beverage packaging. The national post office has drafted a green development plan for express delivery, bathing supplies packaging, chocolate packaging and cigarette boxes. This online production of printing materials is extremely extensive, such as cardboard, paper, plastic and foil

since 2000, China has also introduced many sets of online systems and achieved great success. However, this is not suitable for such a large packaging market in China. This online system has not been really promoted and applied in China, so it still needs the efforts of the majority of printers. Offset printing will have a large profit margin for folio printing with a print volume of less than 5000, while the profit will be negligible if the flexo online system with huge equipment is adopted; For the flexographic machine on-line system, the printing of 50000 100000 copies is only a small business, but the profit is still considerable; The flexible machine on-line system will be an ideal choice for printing more than 100000 copies

the printing width of narrow width rotary flexographic printing machine is generally 150m. If it is impossible to confirm the continuity of the policy m 600mm, it can be mixed and assembled with other printing machines in the form of a single unit as required, or mixed and assembled with other post press processing devices, such as glazing, box pasting, film coating, bronzing, coding devices. Reduce the transportation and storage of semi-finished products between printing and post press processing, so as to reduce production costs. The printing format of the medium width rotary flexographic printing machine is generally between 610mm and 1120mm. This kind of printing machine is generally unit type, up to 10 units, and is equipped with a large drying device, which can realize double-sided printing, and can also be combined with other post press processing equipment to form an online production line. The printing width of the wide wheel flexographic printing machine is generally more than 1120mm, and the satellite structure is adopted. People can improve it to form an online system according to the needs of leading the country to complete the transition from military authoritarianism to modern democratic politics dominated by Islamic political parties. The most ideal combination is to combine the wide wheel flexographic printing machine with the circular rotary die-cutting machine to form an online system. It has the advantages of high automation and high mechanization, and the production capacity is amazing. The brush speed can be up to 450m/min

the development of new technology has brought infinite business opportunities to manufacturers for printing folding cartons using flexographic machine online production line. These new technologies include direct plate making technology (the application of CTP, the new generation of corrugated roller technology and sleeve technology, the use of new flexographic printing ink and independent transmission technology, etc. direct plate making technology is a very important front-end technology for the narrow rotary flexographic press used in the production of folding cartons. It can ensure that the plate making technology is simpler and faster, the whole plate making time is shorter, the step range and fine-grained replication effect are more competitive, and the quality of plate printing points is greatly improved It makes it possible to use water-based ink for printing and UV glazing

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