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Classification of plastic packaging bag printing

from the various and colorful packaging, it can be found that the current commodity packaging has not only pursued practicality and commerciality, but also its artistry can not be ignored. As the mainstream technology of packaging printing, gravure printing, especially gravure plate making, should also strengthen exchanges and develop synchronously with packaging. This article will only share and learn from my experience in the prepress production of gravure plate making with my peers

classification of plastic packaging bags

plastic packaging bags have a wide variety and uncertain specifications. Therefore, designers and producers often ignore the way of making bags. The result is that although the design draft is exquisite, the finished product packaging is unsatisfactory, and even becomes waste products. Experience tells us that only on the basis of understanding the types of commonly used packaging products can we give full play to the design ideas, put an end to the design works that do not conform to the bag making process, and design practical and perfect finished product packaging

according to the bag making method, plastic packaging bags can be divided into four categories: Trilateral seal, midsole seal, three-dimensional middle seal, and sheet material

the three side seal is sealed around the packaging bag. The front and back dimensions are the finished product dimensions, which has a certain sense of integrity, the design is not constrained, and the front and rear designs have a certain consistency. Since the size of the front and back is the same, the front can be designed first, so that the back echoes the front. When making plates, the timing and back should be arranged on the same set of cylinder

the midsole seal is sealed on the back. The size of the front is the size of the finished product. The back is divided into two equal parts, and the sum of its width is equal to the width of the front. Usually, in the design, the front and back are expanded to carry out an integrated design, and 1cm edges are added on the left and right sides respectively. The front and back are also on the same set of rollers

stereo middle seal is based on the midsole seal, adding stereo edges on both sides, and the front, back and side are also on the same set of cylinder

due to the limitation of printing materials, the front and back sides of the sheet must be designed separately and made separately, and cannot appear on the same set of cylinder at the same time

color design basis and color specification

because plastic printing is different from paper printing, if you want to print bright colored packages, you need to understand the color characteristics of plastic printing when designing the color at the front end. First of all, we should see the process sheet clearly, understand the intention of customers and their requirements for color, and clarify the printing requirements of subsequent processes

(1) substrate

know whether the substrate is a film, PA nylon film or a warming film in the hot international market, set the appropriate step value, and pay attention to that the reducibility of inner printing color and layer is better than that of surface printing

(2) ink characteristics

the printing color sequence of inner printing ink is first deep and then shallow, and the surface printing ink is first shallow and then deep. We should master the performance of various inks and clarify the color deviation characteristics of various inks. Generally, magenta ink has good color rendering; Blue ink with magenta; The brightness of yellow ink is good, but it is easy to paste. Generally, the step value needs to be reduced by 5% - 8%

key points of color processing

1 Line edition

a considerable part of gravure printing is line edition printing. Line edition is composed of lines and field color blocks, winning with modeling, and creating visual impact with field (Special Edition and spot color) to highlight the advantages of line edition. According to the characteristics of gravure printing machine, the printing plate is generally no more than 6 colors, and try to use spot color, and should be equipped with color code, so as to facilitate the color matching during printing

a set of line version can form a series of products with different combinations. When designing, you can first design a color matching scheme for users to choose. Because the line version has no sense of hierarchy, attention should be paid to the overlapping treatment between colors to meet the overprint requirements caused by the expansion of the substrate

2. Eye tone version

eye tone version has a very rich level and ever-changing colors, but no matter how complex the level is, it is composed of four colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black (special cases need to add spot color). The level of image is divided into three parts: highlight, dark tone and middle tone

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