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Can packaging product printing design

composition design plays an important role in modern sales packaging design. It is an important part of the whole packaging visual design process, and it is also the basis of various elements of the packaging picture

the visual design elements of a package include many aspects, including trademark, trade name, manufacturer, feature introduction, use method, precautions, illustrations, colors, etc. If these complex elements are not focused and arranged hierarchically in the exhibition area, the picture of packaging will appear chaotic, which can neither quickly and effectively transmit commodity information, nor promote consumers to take buying behavior and affect commodity sales. Common faults of the carefully considered composition and carefully arranged packaging picture 5: the passive needle can't be well stopped at any position to design, so as to attract consumers in the shortest time and at the fastest speed, especially in the increasingly popular unattended supermarkets, the graphic stimulation of packaging is more important

therefore, an excellent and promotional packaging picture must be based on a reasonable picture layout; In a sense, without careful composition design, it is impossible to form an ideal visual picture

composition is the formal beauty of the picture, that is, the layout of the picture, which is called the business position in Chinese painting theory. Layout is an artistic technique to deal with the image structure of pictures. There are formal similarities between packaging composition design and painting picture composition processing, as well as differences in function and nature. The composition design of packaging is guided by the sales strategy, restricted by the sales environment and the requirements of information transmission. At the same time, it also reflects the overall "creativity" of packaging. To fully achieve "meaning", we must create a "meaningful" composition form. Different products need different packaging forms, while packaging with different specifications and shapes needs different picture compositions to adapt to them

the shape characteristics of cylindrical cans and cans determine the uniqueness of its packaging picture composition. Because the arc-shaped picture exposed by the cylinder shape of listening and can makes people's vision have a sense of perspective, which reduces the visible area to a certain extent, and brings inconvenience to consumers' information recognition. How big is the visual area of cylindrical packaging, and where are the main images of the screen (trademark image, text image, symbolic graphics, etc.) placed for the best effect, Mr. zhuzhongyan once had a scientific discussion: "the design of the cylindrical main view surface pattern should not exceed the arc area of the front view range. When the diameter of the cylinder is less than or equal to 65 mm, the extreme value of the arc area of the view range is L/2C (C is the circumference of the circle). When the straight diameter of the cylinder is greater than 65mm, the best range of the main view surface should be less than L/3C, and the main content of the design should be kept within L/3 circumference."

it can be seen that the visual area of listening and can packaging is very limited, and it is very difficult to arrange many design elements in a narrow area and obtain good visual effects. Therefore, it is very necessary to study the layout and composition in the field of cathode materials in China. Through the research on a large number of excellent visual design of listening and can packaging surface at home and abroad, the following three composition forms are sorted out, namely, axis focus composition, two-stage composition, three-stage composition and label composition. The following discusses various composition methods respectively for readers' analysis and reference

1. Axis focus composition

arranging visual images at the focus of the axis of the screen is a common and easy to grasp layout form in the printing design of the surface of listening and can. Its biggest feature is that it has a strong visual impact, which is popular at home and abroad

first of all, there are two vertically and horizontally intersecting axes in the center of the main view plane, and the intersection naturally forms a focus. This focus is the visual center of the picture, which is like the focus in the viewing window of the camera. It helps you establish the main position of the picture, and the layout (horizontal, vertical, tilt, etc.) and expression methods are controlled by the designer according to the content and elements. After the main body of the picture is established, a considerable area of "virtual" space is left around the visual center of the picture in figure a, in order to use a large area of virtual space to foil the real central main image, forming a visual effect with strong contrast between virtual and real. Of course, the virtual part of the picture is not a blank, but relatively simplified and summarized in artistic processing, creating a center of "intensification of contradictions", so that the viewer's optic nerve can suddenly tense up, focus on this prominent part and generate interest, so as to achieve the purpose of preemptive publicity. If the horizontal axis is moved up and down according to the length of the can body, the composition effect of different focus positions can be produced. This axis focus composition is more suitable for the layout of pictures with less content, and its outstanding advantage is that the pictures are simple and concise; Strong visual impact, clear at a glance, giving people a sense of concentration and eye-catching

there is another situation in the axis focus composition method, that is, the composition design is based on the central longitudinal axis. If arranged properly, it can also achieve good composition effect

if the longitudinal axis is moved left or right, a series of composition forms can be generated

two-stage composition

the so-called two-stage composition is to divide the main view of the package into two areas, and the design elements are distributed in these two areas according to the proportion. There is a virtual horizontal axis, which divides the picture into upper and lower parts at the waist. This horizontal axis is like a horizon, separating two equal large spaces of "heaven and earth", forming an open pattern. This kind of picture layout has a high utilization rate in the design of listening and can packaging, and it does produce a good effect. For example, arrange the main contents such as trademarks and product names in the eye-catching upper space, and then arrange the auxiliary product image pictures, illustrations or text descriptions in the remaining space. So far, a pleasant two-stage layout has been formed. Of course, any kind of composition form is not created by people subjectively. It is produced and perfected in practical application. When people use it and it is generally accepted, that is, the existence of this form of composition is scientific, reasonable and practical

the two-stage layout meets the requirements of two aspects in the design. On the one hand, the designer can make full use of the larger picture space to collect and process the complex elements or more contents to form blocks and create a bright and eye-catching visual effect. Since the contents of cans and cans are mostly food and beverage, in order to make the packaging picture more visible and appealing, businesses use a larger space in the design of the main visual surface to arrange exquisite pictures, relevant illustrations or symbolic graphics of products or processing materials, so as to enhance the authenticity and credibility with attractive and realistic images, and help customers understand and get familiar with the product attributes and characteristics in the packaging as soon as possible. On the other hand, the way of selling without sales is becoming more and more popular. Packaging relies on its own image to promote products, and the number of people selling products is even greater. It can be said that two-stage layout is an ideal composition form that centralizes design elements, expands picture space and enhances visual effects. It is characterized by a full display surface, wide vision, clear text and pictures, strong contrast and strong shelf competitiveness

3. Three stage composition

when you know the basic characteristics of two-stage composition, it is easier to obtain the method of three-stage composition, which is developed on the basis of two-stage composition

two parallel horizontal axes are falsely set in the picture. Through these two horizontal lines, the picture is evenly divided into three equal spaces: upper, middle and lower. The design elements are distributed in these spaces according to the primary and secondary relationship, and the picture forms a pattern with diversified combinations. In this way, the picture with three-stage layout is produced. If the two horizontal axes are moved up and down or the position of one axis is adjusted, the screen will produce new segmentation methods and form different size spaces

now, we clearly see that due to the increase of screen space, the distribution of design elements has enhanced flexibility and choice. This form of image segmentation is suitable for printing personalized report sheets that are independently programmed by users with complex design contents and long tank body. Although it is not as strong and distinct as the two-stage composition, the picture effect is more holistic, full, primary and secondary order, clear paragraphs, rich levels, strong sense of rhythm, giving people a sense of enrichment, stability and perfection

in addition, there is a special composition method, namely, the label composition method. This composition form is relatively traditional and has long been known by people. Its characteristic is to first set a fixed oval or other shape on the display surface, and then arrange various design elements in this fixed shape in primary and secondary order. In terms of form, the label composition method is similar to the axis focus composition method, but the label composition method is slightly old-fashioned, and the flexibility of arrangement is worse than other composition methods. As it has been widely used for many years, it has formed a fixed model in the hearts of consumers, which has a certain affinity. For example, the design of beer cans is a very obvious example

it should be noted that the ideal layout space can be obtained by dividing the picture by the axis, but it does not mean that a good picture can be formed by simply listing or placing complex elements in a fixed position in isolation. Because, at the beginning, we talked about that dividing a reasonable layout space is only the primary link of picture design. In order to obtain good visual effects, we still need to do a lot of detailed work. Such as the adjustment of the proportion relationship of each part of the screen, the selection of the arrangement form, the position arrangement of the size image, and the handling of the relationship between density and reality; There are also many factors, such as the design of words, the configuration of colors, the performance of illustrations, the positioning of design, etc. ignoring which link will lead to the failure of picture design. The above introduces several basic composition forms of listening and can packaging design, but the composition of listening and can packaging must not be simply limited to the above forms. There are other special forms, which are not mentioned in this paper because of their weak regularity

in a word, the picture composition design of packaging is the key factor for the success or failure of the visual design of the whole packaging display surface, which cannot be ignored. The above composition methods are the induction and summary of the composition characteristics in the modern listening and can packaging design. Mastering these basic laws and rules can reduce blindness in the design. In addition, designers can flexibly apply these rules according to different products, different contents and different requirements, constantly innovate, give full play to the advantages of circular hearing and can arc pictures of HRC (diamond cone indenter) 20 (7) 0, create a different picture composition, and design more and better packaging works

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