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Xinliji takes the lead in vacuum glass

"it is predicted that in 2015, the market demand for vacuum glass will be about 150000 square meters, while in 2020, the market demand will reach 10million square meters..."

at the 2015 China glass industry annual meeting, Zhang baiheng, executive vice president and Secretary General of China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association, said this sentence, which is the best news for the vacuum glass industry that has just entered industrialization

for Beijing xinliji vacuum glass technology Co., Ltd., it is another emotion, which I think should be called "gratification"

"it shows that vacuum glass products have been recognized by everyone, which is a full affirmation of our investment and efforts over the years." So said Professor Tang JianZheng of xinliji

the semi toughened vacuum glass produced by xinliji successfully passed the technical appraisal requirements of China Building Materials Federation in 2014, and the foam granulator was unanimously recognized by industry experts; The key technology research project of large-scale production of vacuum glass, a national 12th Five Year Plan science and technology support project jointly led by the company and China Academy of building materials, has passed the acceptance; The international cooperation project - the structure function integration research project of architectural glass has passed the acceptance; Since 2015, he has undertaken the subject of Beijing Science and technology project "development and industrialization of vacuum glass energy-saving window system"; Responsible for drafting the building glass and Industrial Glass Association standard HB "glass for transparent parts of passive low-energy buildings"; It has obtained the product certification certificate of environmental adaptive technology "for the transparent part of passive low-energy buildings" issued by Beijing guojianlianxin Certification Center; The U value of product test reaches 0.4w/(M2 · K), which is the lowest in the industry

the new foundation is now cooperating with many companies at home and abroad, and has been unanimously recognized; In 2014, he also participated in the preparation of ISO vacuum glass standards, which played an important role in standardizing the key technologies of vacuum glass

in 2014, the vacuum glass products of Suntech were applied in many innovative projects: "Sino US clean energy cooperation" important project - "CABR near zero energy consumption demonstration building" of China Academy of Building Sciences. The heat transfer coefficient of vacuum glass was 0.6 w/(M2 · K), and the heat transfer coefficient of the whole window was less than 1.0 w/(M2 · K); Qinhuangdao, China's leading passive residential project certified by the German Energy Agency, "on the water side" also uses the composite vacuum glass of xinliji; The active house project in Stuttgart, Germany, which generates electricity through photovoltaic panels, can not only meet the power consumption of the project itself, but also supply power to surrounding communities. It is a 100% recyclable energy-saving house. The project uses large-size composite vacuum glass, with a heat transfer coefficient of 0.46 w/(M2 · k). It is the world's first vacuum glass active house, and its international influence is very high

since its establishment, xinliji has always regarded technological innovation and industrial upgrading as the vitality of enterprises, and has always put central enterprises in mind. In addition to independently developing a number of patents, it has also been actively participating in and undertaking the formulation of vacuum glass industry standards, striving to promote the development of vacuum glass industry at home and abroad with standards

an enterprise cannot constitute an industry, nor can it support the market. Only when the industry is good, can the enterprise get better development. "A single tree does not make a forest. In addition to standardizing industry standards, to a certain extent, we are also telling you through various channels about the current situation and advantages of vacuum glass development, so that more people can understand vacuum glass, so that more people can choose it, so as to benefit." Tang JianZheng told

it is precisely because of this concept, carrying and taking responsibility, the figure of xinliji has been shuttling through relevant industry conferences at home and abroad, so that more and more people understand the advantages of vacuum glass

at present, with the increasingly stringent requirements of the state for building energy conservation, the development of new energy-saving buildings has become an inevitable trend. Among them, the passive housing that the Ministry of housing and urban rural development is promoting is the most popular program at present. Passive residence has high requirements for enclosure structure, especially for transparent windows

passive houses have been widely promoted in the world for a long time, but there was no vacuum glass production enterprise at that time, so many standards of windows are aimed at insulating glass

as an industry leader, xinliji has undoubtedly been in the forefront at home and abroad. In the past ten years, when passive houses have not been "popular", the R & D team of more than 30 people led by Tang JianZheng has been doing a lot of research on the application of vacuum glass and has accumulated a lot of experience, which is conducive to the better application of vacuum glass in passive houses

the efforts of xinliji for many years have been recognized again. As the drafting unit of the standard HB "glass for transparent parts of passive low-energy buildings" of the architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association, xinliji showed the advantages of vacuum glass in passive houses incisively and vividly in the special session of passive houses at the 2015 annual meeting of the China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association

at the meeting, xinliji obtained the passive room glass enterprise certification with the excellent performance of composite vacuum glass products, and obtained the certification certificate. Undoubtedly, this is a great affirmation of the advantages of xinliji products in the application of passive housing

another report of xinliji will be used in the national "863" key high-tech research project undertaken by a Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, "key issues in the development and application of vacuum glass products, graphene also has a strong development potential", which once again aroused the strong interest of the participants and triggered in-depth discussion among the participants. Everyone expressed concern and attention to the development of vacuum glass industrialization

at the 2015 National Glass Science and Technology Annual Conference at the end of April, 12 guests were specially invited to make an in-depth discussion on new technologies and new achievements. As the only representative of the vacuum glass industry, Professor Tang JianZheng gave a speech entitled "industrialization of vacuum glass", describing the current situation of automatic production of vacuum glass and the industrialization of tempered vacuum glass. It can be seen from this that China's glass industry has made considerable progress and development in technology in recent years

a single flower is not spring, but a hundred flowers bloom together and spring fills the garden. Xinliji has been taking the initiative to undertake large enterprises in a unique way, striving to cultivate markets at home and abroad and promote the development of the industry. We believe that the vacuum glass industry will develop more healthily and orderly under the leadership of xinliji

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