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The new model of SINOTRUK long-distance trunk line landed in Qingpu, Shanghai

the new model of SINOTRUK long-distance trunk line landed in Qingpu, Shanghai

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recently, the latest air suspension 4x2 low bumper model of SINOTRUK shandeka landed in Qingpu, Shanghai. The Shanghai Branch of Jinan commercial vehicle sales department and dealer Shanghai Shidai Tiancheng Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. invited Shanghai Express and express industry logistics companies, Enjoy sitrak c7h long-distance trunk line new models derived from pure German technology

at the event site, Shanghai Branch introduced: "by the end of July this year, nearly 1500 sitrak Shande trucks have been put into use on the market, and the longest mileage has reached 980000 kilometers. At the beginning of the product launch, heavy truck promised that the engine would not be overhauled for 1.5 million kilometers. So far, no serious engine failure has been found in all sitrak Shande trucks."

as the main star of this event, sit adopts flexible polyurethane chemical reaction Rak c7h 4x2 air suspension tractor, pipeman series mc11 The engine, with a maximum output power of 400 HP, matches the 16 speed transmission of zf16s1950 and the mcy13 rear axle with a 3.7 speed ratio. The front three leaf spring rear air suspension has light weight and good shock absorption performance. It is matched with WABCO's ECAs electronic control suspension system, which is easy to take off and hang

express drivers have been accompanied by trucks for a long time, and their work intensity is high under the requirements of timeliness. Almost all long-distance drivers have imported vehicle driving experience, and their requirements for vehicle comfort are increasing year by year. Sitrak is positioned as an alternative model of imported vehicles. The driving will be deployed in accordance with the national leading group for the development of new materials industry. The cab comfort and interior workmanship were recognized by the guests present. The vehicle adopts c7h-p wide body, medium high roof, four airbag suspension cab, with lumbar air cushion airbag seat, electric heated rearview mirror, electric glass lift, central control door lock key remote control and other high-end configurations, and nearly 800mm wide single sleeper to meet the needs of express drivers

in terms of safety that logistics express companies attach importance to, this model adopts German Mann TG series domestic cab, which meets the European Truck Cab strength standard ECE R29 safety standard. The vehicle is equipped with hr7 disc front axle and electronic anti lock ABS + drive anti-skid ASR + electronic braking force distribution EBL + tire pressure monitoring TPM system, which greatly improves the active and passive safety

in the process of purchasing vehicles, Shentong, Jiaji, Rongqing and other large logistics companies present at the scene have a large number of vehicles, which have high requirements for vehicle attendance and timeliness assurance. At the same time, there are two main types of transmission: paying special attention to the economic cost and time cost impact of long oil change and maintenance cycle of main components. In addition to the pursuit of high performance of the vehicle itself, the after-sales service policy of the product has also become a major concern of many enterprises on the scene

era Tiancheng Service Engineer interpreted sitrak after-sales policy for on-site guests. 1. The engine oil of man technology is changed every 80000 kilometers, the transmission oil is changed every 160000 kilometers, and the rear axle oil is changed every 100000 kilometers. It is free to replace the engine, gearbox and rear axle for the first time. 2. Shandeka heavy truck provides (all items except vulnerable parts of the whole vehicle in the first year, and transmission engine, gearbox and drive axle in the second year) without mileage warranty for two years. 3. Provide high-quality active services in strict accordance with the "1324t" project. Among them, "1" refers to the "one-to-one" service relationship established between the service engineer and the user since the delivery, and a systematic training should be carried out for the driver before the vehicle is used; "3" refers to three free inspections when the vehicle runs to 5000 km, 15000 km and 30000 km; "24t" 11. Capacity, full scale [capacity, full scale] means that the vehicle must be repaired within 24 hours in case of failure within the warranty period, and it promises that heavy truck will provide a replacement vehicle for the vehicle that has not been repaired within the time limit

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