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The new nano antenna developed by the United States can capture more than 90% of the light energy

according to science and technology, the current solar panel is very inefficient in using solar energy, and can only use about 20% of the light source obtained. According to the report of the American physicist organization on May 17 (Beijing time), engineers at the University of Missouri have developed a soft solar sheet that can capture more than 90% of the light energy, and plan to manufacture a prototype that can be used in the consumer field within five years

the device is a kind of nano antenna electromagnetic collectors (NECS), which can collect mid infrared and visible light in the solar spectrum, while the mid infrared wavelength is not available for traditional photovoltaic solar cells. The principle of the original design of NECS 2: when doing tensile experiments, the idea is to expand the antenna from radio frequency to infrared and visible light, and integrate more advanced design concepts and manufacturing technology in the research and development of experimental machine fixtures

padrick binheiro, associate professor of the school of chemical engineering at the University of Missouri, cooperated with Idaho National Laboratory, Garrett Mondale, Professor of electrical engineering at the University of Colorado, and microcontinuu company in Massachusetts to develop a special high-speed circuit that can extract current from the collected sunlight and heat, and find economical terahertz fiber materials, It can be used for mass production of simple square loop nano antenna arrays. Research and the domestic team has developed a small molded sheet antenna product, which can collect the heat generated in the industrial process, (2) mobike and Dow deepen the ride experience into usable electricity. They transformed this antenna product into NECS equipment using light

padrick said that if the support of the U.S. Department of energy or private investment can be obtained, it is believed that solar products can be produced within five years to make up for the shortcomings of traditional photovoltaic solar panels. Their product is a kind of soft film, which can be combined with roof panel products, or used to customize special power tools. In addition, it can also be used in infrared detectors, optical computing, infrared line of sight communication and other fields

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