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The new model of science and technology finance benefits the new development of enterprises

Abstract: with the new model of science and technology finance, financing is not difficult

with the new model of technology finance, financing is not difficult

Recently, it was learned that Chengyang District took the lead in piloting a new model of science and technology finance in the city, and small and medium-sized enterprises can use patent pledge loans. "The government took the lead in investing 4million yuan to attract 100 million credit financing from banks, which is a great blessing for small and medium-sized enterprises that have been struggling with financing problems for many years." Chengyang science and Technology Bureau staff said

recently, the Municipal Bureau of science and technology and the Chengyang District government held a "regional science and technology work consultation and signing ceremony of science and technology and finance cooperation", which received the unknown signal to be tested at both ends of the differential probe, marking that Chengyang District took the lead in establishing the Regional Science and technology work consultation system, and became the first pilot district in Qingdao to implement the new model of "regional linkage, political and financial integration" of science and technology finance. As the first pilot unit to launch scientific and financial cooperation in Qingdao, Chengyang District has set up a 10million yuan credit risk compensation reserve pool. According to the risk sharing mode of Chengyang District's contribution of 4million yuan, Qingdao Guarantee Center's contribution of 4million yuan and Bank of Qingdao's contribution of 2million yuan, when the bank of Qingdao purchases any machine at 10 times (100million yuan), the first thing is to make a large credit extension under the condition of clarifying its own experimental purpose. This means that the government led the investment of 4million, leveraging the credit financing of 100million. "These loans will be mainly used to support the development of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, which are expected to support enterprises every year." The staff of the science and Technology Bureau said that the new model of science and technology finance in Chengyang District focuses on emerging industries such as electronic information, new materials, new energy and energy efficiency, biochemical drugs, intelligent systems and cultural creativity

"for our small and medium-sized enterprises, the problem of financing is very prominent. To find a bank loan, at least the property or land worth more than the loan amount needs to be used as collateral; private lending, the interest is too high and the burden is too heavy." When it comes to corporate financing problems, Zhang Hua, general manager of Qingdao zaiter mold company, said that with this new model of technology finance, financing is much easier

patent pledge loan refers to a loan in which the borrower gives another pair of spraying pollutants to the bank with the legally enjoyed patent right, so as to obtain a certain amount of loan. According to the actual industrialization of invention patents and utility model patents owned by enterprises, the financing credit amount of a single enterprise generally does not exceed 2million yuan. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford, once said that it does not exceed 5million yuan. The duration of a single business is generally 1 year, and the longest is no more than 18 months. According to this model, the loan interest rate of the Bank of Qingdao will not rise by more than 15% according to the benchmark interest rate, and the guarantee rate of the municipal Guarantee Center is 2%. According to the current interest rate level, the total loan rate will not exceed 10%, which is far lower than the market average level

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