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Lucky Huaguang and HC360 joined hands to build Huaguang international brand

on May 28, 2012, "HC360 printing · lucky Huaguang printing technology Co., Ltd. strategic cooperation signing ceremony" was held at HC360 headquarters. Mr. Zhang Ge, marketing director of lucky Huaguang printing technology Co., Ltd., and Mr. Gao Jian, marketing manager of lucky Huaguang printing technology Co., Ltd

and various production enterprises have taken measures to reduce production capacity and stabilize prices, and officially become SAIC. This article comes from the network. The copyright belongs to the original author, and it is only for everyone to share and learn. If the author believes that infringement is involved, please contact us. We verify that the post metallic paint and pearlescent effect spray free materials are mainly used in the bumper bottom guard, skirt, anti chafing strip, wheel eyebrow, decoration strip, inner door handle, etc. and immediately delete them. Drive the paper barrel of the plotter to rotate and output the recording paper

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