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Lubricants also play cloud release? Only for the post market of construction machinery

lubricants also play cloud publishing? Only for the post market of construction machinery

China Construction machinery information

on March 31, Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil released special oil for construction machinery - comprehensively responding to the oil demand of the construction machinery industry from design and manufacturing to construction - witnessing the strong ability of the Great Wall lubricating oil brand "oil"

in particular, this new product was held in the form of cloud conference, which is a traditional symbol of innovation in the construction machinery industry. From form to product, the core concept of embracing new technology is urging the brand to bear the mission of the times

(Figure: zhangchunhui, deputy general manager of Sinopec lubricants company, explained the new product technology at the cloud Conference)

in the past two months, the whole of China has experienced an unforgettable war epidemic together

the construction machinery industry also tried its best to tell the story of China's war epidemic in this war. Thousands of construction machinery gathered in Wuhan Huoshen mountain and Leishen mountain to create China's speed with efficiency. Behind the speed of China is the high load construction machinery and equipment, which consumes a lot of lubricating grease all the time. Among them, there is great wall lubricant

now, the prevention and control of the epidemic has won stage victory, and the orderly resumption of work and production and the revitalization of the economy have become a top priority. The industry predicts that with the comprehensive restoration of work and life order, engineering projects will gradually start, and the market after maintenance of construction machinery will usher in a retaliatory rebound in the spring. Time waits for no man. Great Wall lubricants seized the opportunity to resume production in time and grandly released new products, bringing a new spring breeze to the post construction machinery market in 2020

In recent years, with the reform of the national supply side, the business strategies and product changes of China's construction machinery market have been constantly adjusted to adapt to the fierce market competition. At the same time, the reliability, cost performance, adaptability and flexibility of post market services on the demand side are becoming increasingly clear. According to statistics, the consumption of lubricating oil in the post market of non road construction machinery alone reaches more than 900000 tons per year. Sinopec Great Wall lubricants has been deeply engaged in this industry and has served it. With comprehensive lubrication solutions, strong product technical support, and rich experience in cooperation with construction machinery OEMs, it has newly released special lubricants for the aftermarket of non road construction machinery, including 24 products in three series: internal combustion engine oil, hydraulic oil, and grease, according to the special working conditions and needs of the aftermarket

among them, great wall construction machinery hydraulic oil is suitable for various large-scale construction machinery hydraulic systems of high-pressure systems, and has successfully passed the certification of Cincinnati p68/p70/p69, Eaton Vickers, Parker Denison and other internationally renowned hydraulic component manufacturers. Great wall construction machinery diesel engine oil is specially designed for the diesel engine of construction machinery, with a unique anti-wear formula, which can effectively reduce the wear of construction machinery during frequent load switching and continuous start and stop work. The new generation products support the latest industry specifications such as API ci-4, ACEA E7, caterpillar cat ECF, man 3275, etc

zhangchunhui, deputy general manager of Sinopec Great Wall lubricants, said at the press conference: "In view of the four major problems concerned in the use of construction machinery: non Road National four emission standards, equipment wear and corrosion, long-term high-intensity operation of the spring microcomputer force application system, and reliable product quality, we provide a more targeted and comprehensive solution. The new product not only meets the national four emission standards of non road machinery, but also has better anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti rust performance compared with the products on the market, providing better all-weather and multi working conditions Protection, with higher cleanliness and longer oil change interval. At the same time, Sinopec Great Wall lubricants also has a stable quality control system and after-sales technical team, which can provide customers with more convenient product purchase and technical services. "

accumulation and thin development: "old players" have new ways to play

"Sinopec Great Wall Lubricants' new release of special oil for construction machinery does not mean that we are a" new player "in the post market of construction machinery. On the contrary, we are the most powerful lubricant technology developer and oil supplier in the construction machinery industry for two decades, and have always been the most important lubricant technology participant and supporter in the design, manufacturing and Application Maintenance Cooperation of construction machinery." Zhangchunhui said that at present, Sinopec Great Wall Lubricant accounts for about 40% of the domestic market share of high-end industrial oil. It has the most extensive exchanges and comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with many construction machinery manufacturers in China, ranging from excavators, loaders, high-pressure pump trucks, forklifts to large mining machinery, from lubrication system design and parts coordination of construction machinery, to assembly research and development Strategic cooperation has been carried out in the initial loading and after-sales market expansion of oil products, which has been recognized by many host manufacturers such as XCMG, Sany, Longgong and most domestic instrument enterprises in Japan who are following the line of "low price market competition", such as Li, Doosan, Zoomlion, Liugong and Kubota, and has become the most important oil supplier

(Figure: Sinopec Great Wall lubricants signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Sany group. Sany group is the largest manufacturer of construction machinery and equipment in China, and it has very high requirements for the specifications of filling oil and after-sales service oil. Great Wall lubricants has been cooperating with Sany group since 2002, and the cooperation entered a period of rapid development in 2015. In order to provide good services to Sany group, Great Wall lubricants has appointed special scientific researchers to Sany The group carried out technical exchanges, deeply discussed the synchronous design and use scheme of great wall products on Sany machinery, and developed supporting lubrication products according to the equipment characteristics of Sany machinery. At present, Great Wall lubricating oil has achieved the full coverage of all kinds of construction machinery and equipment of Sany group, with an overall share of more than 90% from hydraulic oil and engine oil to gear oil and grease)

(Figure: Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil provides supporting lubrication services for Shenhua zhuneng Komatsu 930e tramcar. Komatsu 930e is self-supporting (210 tons empty), with a large load capacity (290 tons) and a total weight of 500 tons. After using the special engine oil for great wall construction machinery, The oil change period is increased from 250 hours to 500 hours, which greatly reduces the equipment maintenance cost.)

in recent years, Sinopec Great Wall lubricants has noticed that with the promotion of national environmental protection and emission policies, the elimination cycle of construction machinery and equipment has been greatly shortened, and the return on investment period of users has become shorter. At the same time, a huge number of key process formulas with independent intellectual property rights have been developed, and the market equipment ownership makes it difficult to realize the increase of equipment rent. These market problems will stimulate users to be more sensitive to the price of aftermarket accessories and maintenance services. How to carry out scientific cost management, further enhance user value, and realize low-cost and high-efficiency operation for customers has become another "pain point" that needs to be solved urgently in the industry

with the technology and service experience accumulated in cooperation with leading enterprises in the construction machinery industry over the years, Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil has specially customized a comprehensive lubrication butler service for end users in the post market of non road construction machinery. "Lubrication Great Wall" app will bring real good value and new experience to customers. Through professional technical support personnel, whole process detection, lubrication analysis, monitoring and other lubrication technical services, we can provide lubrication management and maintenance for end users in a timely, punctual and professional manner. In addition, with the help of service networks all over the country, product logistics and distribution services are followed up in time to provide convenient after-sales services for end users of construction machinery and equipment

in April, with the gradual improvement of the national epidemic situation, China has entered the peak period of infrastructure construction resumption, and infrastructure construction may become an important starting point for steady growth in 2020. As a leading enterprise in China's lubricant industry, Sinopec Great Wall Lubricant will contribute to enabling national infrastructure construction and helping the majority of users in the post construction machinery market to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Let's welcome the new journey of the post market of construction machinery in 2020 with new ideas, new models and new products

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