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Lubangtong joins hands with arm to create a fast and scalable IOT solution

the first transmission method has stable transmission, low noise, high transmission efficiency, high precision, long application life

recently, lubangtong announced that it will establish a partnership with arm, and both sides will face the global market based on arm mbed OS and Pelion IOT platform to provide users with fast and scalable IOT solutions. Through this cooperation, lubangtong and arm can meet the needs of users in different vertical industries in the manufacturing field, and provide end-to-end industrial IOT solutions. Based on the reliable network connection between lubangguan customs series products and many edge devices, and equipped with customized cloud platforms, lubangtong and arm have the strength to promote the landing of IOT in user production

it is reported that Pelion IOT platform makes the interconnection, equipment and data management more flexible, safe and efficient. It can help users easily realize the interconnection between trusted IOT devices in an interconnected environment, and support remote management. Users can easily extract real-time data from it to improve their competitive advantage, so as to speed up the deployment of IOT storage tanks to use the pull value. The arm mbed IOT device development platform provides operating systems, cloud services, tools and developer systems to help users create and deploy standards based commercial IOT solutions on a large scale

Tao Yang, general manager of lubangtong, said: we are very happy to establish a partnership with arm, who summarized the problems fed back by users in the process of using the old hydraulic universal testing machine! Combined with the excellent deliverables of lubangtong in the field of industrial IOT solutions and arm's expertise in the embedded field, our cooperation will simplify and accelerate the global IOT deployment process of users on both sides

Chen Xi, head of arm China IOT service group, said: the relevant solutions play a key role in the IOT ecosystem. Lubangtong is one of our major industrial portal partners in China. Through this cooperation, we believe that arm users will also benefit from lubangtong's reliable products and strong R & D capabilities, making the landing of IOT applications in different industries more convenient and efficient. The combination of arm Pelion IOT platform and lubangtong's mass production will help our ecosystem partners rapidly deploy IOT solutions at home and abroad

about lubangtong

Guangzhou lubangtong IOT Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading global provider of industrial IOT and M2M (machine to machine communication) products and solutions, committed to providing customers with industrial grade cellular wireless routers, switches, modems, cloud management platforms, and end-to-end solutions

up to now, the company's products and services have spread to more than 120 countries and regions around the world. The products are widely used in global smart cities, power, oil and gas, finance, environmental protection, security, industrial automation, medical and other fields, and the company's business continues to grow healthily, stably and rapidly. After years of continuous efforts, Lu bangtong has become a pioneer in the IOT industry

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