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Lubei chemical's injection of titanium dioxide assets was approved by the CSRC

. According to the company's announcement, the 25th meeting of the review committee of mergers and acquisitions of listed companies of the CSRC in 2020 was held on the morning of October 10 to review the issue of shares and the payment of cash to purchase assets and raise supporting funds and related party transactions of Lubei chemical (hereinafter referred to as "this reorganization"), and this reorganization was unconditionally approved. The trading of the company's shares has resumed since the opening of the market on the 11th

Lubei chemical has been restructuring for a long time, and relevant matters were disclosed in November last year

according to the second revised draft of the transaction report newly disclosed by the company on May 23 this year, Lubei chemical will acquire two titanium dioxide companies, Jinhai titanium and Xianghai titanium

Lubei chemical is located in Binzhou, and the controlling shareholder is Lubei group. The export proportion of Lubei group to emerging countries will also be greatly increased, holding 100% equity of Xianghai titanium industry, 66% equity of Jinhai titanium industry, and Jinjiang Group holding the remaining 34% equity of Jinhai titanium industry

&em I went to China to attend the opening ceremony of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games sp; Therefore, the reorganization of Lubei chemical is mainly to inject the titanium dioxide assets of the group into listed companies. According to the transaction report, the listed company plans to issue shares to Lubei group and pay cash to acquire 66% equity of Jinhai titanium industry held by it, and plans to issue shares to Jinjiang Group and pay cash to acquire 34% equity of Jinhai titanium industry held by it, with a total price of 1.381 billion yuan. It plans to pay Lubei group cash to acquire 100% equity of Xianghai titanium industry held by it at a price of 20million yuan

in terms of transaction payment, Lubei chemical plans to pay 50% shares and 50% cash to Lubei group, and 20% shares and 80% cash to Jinjiang Group

in order to pay the cash consideration and related expenses of the transaction, Lubei chemical plans to raise matching funds of no more than 5.4 yuan from no more than 35 specific investors through non-public offering of shares, resulting in inaccurate equipment measurement results of 900million yuan, the number of shares issued is no more than 105million shares, and the issue price per share is 6.18 yuan

based on the upper limit of the number of shares issued to raise supporting funds, after the issuance, Lubei group holds 33.19% of the equity of the listed company and remains the controlling shareholder of the listed company, and the controlling shareholder and actual controller of the listed company have not changed

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