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Lucheng Taiye machine tool ty1370 CNC computer gong guard includes transportation

Lucheng Taiye machine tool ty1370 CNC computer gong guard includes transportation

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product brand JINDA machinery product model customized production city river high-end film blowing quality has won the favor of high-end commodity packaging. Northern Cangzhou shipping City Hebei Cangzhou total supply 10000 minimum initial order 1 product unit price 10000 measurement units Product details

Lucheng Taiye machine tool ty1370 CNC computer gong guard includes transportation

Yanshan JINDA Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. supplies customized steel plate guard against low noise. The quality is reliable, and the national unified price. Our company has strong enterprise strength, specializing in the design and production of all kinds of machine tool guide plate guard. It has a perfect after-sales service system, and can design, manufacture, install, and debug equipment according to user needs, It can also provide necessary training for equipment use and maintenance personnel, and provide door-to-door installation, commissioning and maintenance services for the products sold. For details, call and write to inquire about ordering

[buyer must read]

1 The protective cover is a non-standard product, and the marked price is only for reference. The quotation is based on the customer's drawings, excluding tax, and the large quantity is preferred

2. The product pictures are taken in kind, and there may be differences between the product pictures and the actual situation. Due to the influence of display, shooting and other factors, there is no way to avoid certain differences between the goods, and the real object shall prevail

3. All products are strictly checked by the staff before delivery to ensure that the goods are in good condition. Please check the goods in front of the courier after receiving the goods. The buyer signs for the goods to confirm the product quality. The reason for choosing us: perfect technology and brand support

1: there are problems in installation and use, and professional application engineers help to overcome the difficulties and guide the processing and application scheme

2: when the fault occurs, the professional team shows that the processor has the professional ability to process this kind of advanced high molecular materials into components suitable for the most rigorous use in many industries, and check and eliminate the fault

3: perfect technology and brand support, after-sales service team division of labor assistance, no worries

machine tool protective cover products have the characteristics of tight structure, reasonable, no noise, large travel, fast movement, long service life and so on. Machine tool protective cover spiral steel belt protective cover is suitable for the protection of CNC machine tools, machining centers and other precision machine tools, hydraulic pressure, various shafting, screws and ball screws. It not only has the functions of dust prevention, chip prevention, coolant prevention, but also can maintain the normal accuracy of the machine tool, prolong the service life of the machine tool and increase the appearance. Structural features: this kind of protective sleeve adopts 65 Mongolian spring steel strip to protect rolling screw, shaft and rod parts after liquid carburization. The protective sleeve is connected with the protected part without contact through the centering flange installed at the two ends of the protected part. The connection safety between the protective sleeve and the centering flange is realized by its own pre compression elasticity. Therefore, it runs stably, retracts freely, has extremely low noise, and its surface is black gloss, which is coordinated with most flange parts of the machine. Stainless steel hand white protective cover can also be made according to user requirements

labeling: refers to the process of labeling to the designated position of the workpiece. Wire drawing: refers to the process of using wire drawing machine and abrasive belt to treat the surface of the workpiece. Polishing: refers to the process of using polishing equipment to brighten the surface of the workpiece. Heat treatment: refers to the process of special treatment to improve the hardness of the workpiece. Deburring: refers to the process of removing the rough edges of the workpiece with grinding machine, file and other tools during the sheet metal processing of the workpiece, so as to make it smooth and flat. Argon arc welding: refers to the process that the workpiece is connected with the workpiece and welded at the edge or joint of the workpiece by argon arc welding machine. Continuous welding, full welding, etc. shall be clearly marked on the drawing. Touch welding: also known as "spot welding", it refers to the process of face-to-face welding and connection of workpieces by touch welding machine. Planting welding: refers to the process of firmly welding the planting welding screw on the workpiece with planting welding. Welding and grinding: mainly refers to the process of making the welding scar of the workpiece smooth and flat by using grinding machines, files and other tools

with the continuous improvement of mechanical equipment, the requirements of the protection system are also increased, especially the use of servo motor makes the speed of processing machinery higher and higher, sometimes as high as 200m/min, which requires tensile but light-weight materials for protection. In addition, flexible organ protective covers are more and more widely used in the fields of, measurement, automatic control and food technology. These industries require protective covers to be dust-proof and non-toxic to food. Flexible organ protective cover is also more and more widely used in the lifting platform of automobile production and assembly line. Our protective cover can fully meet the requirements of its height and smooth operation. Almost all fields that need protection can design and produce a kind of integrated organ protective cover for you in a short period of time. ★ this kind of shield has the characteristics of being not afraid of feet, not deformed by hard objects, long service life, good sealing and light operation; ★ the shield has long stroke and small compression, and the ratio of length is 10; ★ one form of this folding shield

structural features:

the appearance is beautiful, and the strength of the protective plate is good. There are dust and iron prevention. This is mainly because the customer does not know the function of chip and coolant prevention when selecting the fixture material, but it is inconvenient to stand on the protective cover, which is easy to fall

selection of materials:

generally 2cr-13 stainless steel plate with a thickness of 2 Mm, the side polyurethane rubber strip developed by our company has been widely used on this protective cover, and the wear resistance is 8 times higher than that of the ordinary side rubber strip

about installation:

1 Users can install by themselves, and our factory provides technical guidance for the installation of shields

2. Our factory provides installation and debugging. Our factory can send technicians to the customer's equipment site to provide installation and debugging services for the shield within 2 working days after the shield arrives at the user (the time arrangement can be negotiated by both parties)

about maintenance:

1 The shields that need to be repaired by our factory need to be sent to our factory before they can be repaired

2. Our factory, which is repaired by users themselves, can provide the use accessories of the shield, such as rubber strips, cover plates, pulleys, sliders, shock pads, etc. dgywd487gdyw

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