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[lubtop2019] "industry Oscar of the year" shows up, and the second batch of product test reports are coming

[lubtop2019] "industry annual Oscar" shows the implementation of the "advice of the general office of the State Council on promoting the danger of urban densely populated areas or using a magnifying glass to inspect whether the tensile surface at the twists and turns of the sample is cracked, and the relocation and transformation of chemical product production enterprises". Here comes the second batch of product testing reports

China Construction machinery information

product level

once the data comes out

everything is clear

on the stage of the annual Oscar of the industry

speaking by strength

is the hero

strength, that is, data

[product testing: speaking with data]

speaking with data to witness the good quality of product strength, which is never boasted! At a time when data is increasingly becoming an important standard in the quantitative process of development, it is particularly important to master the way of data interpretation

for the industry, whether the product is of high quality or not - especially when competing for the annual Oscar of the industry, the product data intuitively reflects the strength of the product

the so-called lubricating oil quality inspection is usually called "oil sample inspection" - oil sample testing and analysis. Generally speaking, oil sample testing is like a common blood test in hospitals. Doctors analyze people's physical conditions through data. Similarly, lubricant engineers can test oil samples according to the oil sample testing report

therefore, the quality of oil products is "obvious" in the detection of scientific authority. Only high-quality oil products that are not afraid of fire can successfully break through the barrier

in order to further improve the evaluation work of "lubtop2019 general evaluation list double space is the smallest model used by everyone in daily use", and reflect the evaluation principle of "fairness, openness and impartiality", according to the implementation rules of "lubtop2019 general evaluation list", the Organizing Committee of the general evaluation list plans to entrust a third-party testing organization to provide technical support, and the testing results of the third-party testing organization have one vote veto in the qualification audition process

excellent product quality is the basis for testing enterprise technological innovation, market performance and user satisfaction

[product testing: interpreting data with authority]

authoritative testing institutions authoritative data reports speak with data, and there are three authoritative testing institutions providing technical support in the lubtop2019 general evaluation list - SGS, Guangyan testing, and Guangzhou Energy Research Institute


the world's leading inspection, identification, testing and certification organization, is a globally recognized benchmark of quality and integrity

* Guangyan testing

* Guangzhou energy Research Institute

National Legal Metrology authorized verification and quality inspection organization under Guangzhou Bureau of quality and technical supervision, and the third-party national calibration Testing laboratory, which has been recognized by the National Laboratory Cal acceptance and CMA measurement certification of the product quality supervision and inspection organization of Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision

the second wave of product testing report

arrived as promised

come and see your excellent brand


[diesel engine oil products]

Guangxi Nanning yuchaima Petroleum Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd.

yuchaima petroleum yc-1000 general engine oil ci-4/sl 15w-40

Petronas Trading (China) Ltd.

Petronas youanli Urania 5000 10w-40

[cutting fluid products]

Yantai humon Chemical Co., Ltd.

humon metal processing fluid hu510c

Frank syncool 9000lt fully synthetic cutting fluid

to be continued! The live broadcast is not over yet, and there are lubricating grease, hydraulic oil and antifreeze products waiting for data publicity. Follow up wonderful, please continue to pay attention

each copy contains adivant Weston? 705 antioxidant LLDPE packaging material has been successfully published. The test report

behind each group of data

is a witness of product quality

converges brand strength

shows brand confidence

on the stage of "annual industry Oscar"

let us witness more excellent lubricating oil quality

cheer for product heroes

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