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Rakay group radiates new vitality through transformation and independent innovation

China rakay film group takes new project construction as the starting point and independent innovation as the support, unswervingly implements the strategy of industrial and product structure adjustment, and accelerates the transformation of image recording materials and printing materials to digitalization; Expand the optical film and signal amplification of this chipset, and its coated deep-processing products. Since 2005, the main business income of lucky group has increased by 61.3%, and the sales income of new products has increased by 8.2 times; Export revenue increased by 164.3%; The per capita capital increase of employees is about 20%. All business indicators have reached the best level in the past 10 years that 3D models with high intensity and accurate accuracy can be made through laser 3D printing technology

making traditional silver salt film and film is lucky's strength, and China has thus become one of the four countries in the world that can produce color film. However, under the huge impact of the rapid development of microelectronics technology, rakay film has brought less than 2% of the company's sales revenue

in the face of all this, according to the development trend of global digital imaging and flat panel display technology, after full market research and analysis, lucky group decided decisively: closely rely on the three core technologies of coating, film forming and particle accumulated by lucky for 50 years, establish a "recycled plastic zone" in the raw material exhibition area, and accelerate the transformation of image recording materials and printing materials to digitalization; Expand optical films and coated deep-processing products, and strive to build a leading domestic manufacturer of medium and high-end pet optical films and a production and scientific research base for coated film deep-processing products in flat panel displays and new electronic industries

however, transformation is painful

the glorious history of the past 50 years has also become a heavy burden in the process of transformation. Many old lucky people have deep feelings for film, and they can't turn around their thinking for a while

industrial and product restructuring is the overriding task. In 2005, Zhang Jianheng, a deputy to the Eleventh National People's Congress, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of lucky group, warned his team that all industrial exploration outside Lucky's main business and core technology must stop. As a result, the largest and most concentrated industrial and product restructuring in the history of lucky group began: shut down the camera production line that was launched previously due to the sudden rise of digital imaging technology; Those projects that have no development prospects and lack growth will be cancelled; Withdraw and reorganize redundant institutions and personnel, and carry out identity conversion and buyout separation; The main body of the group is classified and reorganized with business as the main line, eating in different cooking ranges, clear and light. Zhang Jianheng described it as surgery, and cut it off categorically where it did not adapt to the market

in the past five years, lucky group has invested 1.22 billion yuan to build a TAC film production line, a solar cell backplane production line, a 25000 ton optical polyester film production line and precision coating production line in Hefei lucky Industrial Park, a CTP digital plate production line and a flexible resin plate production line in Huaguang Industrial Park, and many other new projects, so as to fill the gap or lead the country in this section

on the premise of the continuous reduction of various expenses of the enterprise, rakay's R & D investment accounts for more than 3.5% of the sales revenue. Make full use of the two R & D platforms of the national enterprise technology center, China Lucky Film Group Technology Center and the national photosensitive materials engineering technology research center, and form a new innovation management platform by constantly improving the technology innovation management mode, so as to provide a green channel for enterprise innovation. Over the past five years, lucky has invested 480million yuan in research and development. Independent innovation has brought vitality and vigor to lucky, and a number of new products in the field of digital and membrane materials have come out.. Lucky digital color photo paper was recognized as a national independent innovation product, included in the first batch of national independent innovation product catalogue, and won the title of China Patent Excellence Award; Both the electromagnetic wave shielding film project and the solar cell backplane project independently developed by lucky have applied for international PCT patents; CTP digital printing plates and flexible resin plates independently developed by lucky and with independent intellectual property rights have been published in the second film factory of lucky group; The diffusion film and hardening film with independent intellectual property rights and applied to flat panel display and touch screen are offline in Hefei. Since 2005, lucky group has obtained 122 authorized patents, including 79 invention patents. Lucky group has been identified as a national innovative enterprise

relying on strategic transformation and technological innovation, rakay, an old state-owned enterprise, has radiated new vitality

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