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Will virtual reality usher in the Warring States period? Stable development after cleaning up the false fire of capital

I believe everyone has seen the "hacker empire" or heard of virtual space, which is like a second world, and we are fascinated. Today's vrarmr can simply take us to appreciate the dream world, and virtual reality is also another inevitable development direction of human science and technology in the future

vr has only been popular in the last two years, but its birth is much more distant than the new and regenerated oral HDPE bottles we want to process and produce, and it also dates back to the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union. The earliest VR was a product of military scientific research. The original intention was to improve the training efficiency of soldiers. Soldiers wore a pair of glasses to simulate a simulated environment to train soldiers' adaptability to different scenarios. At that time, the idea was similar to that of the electronic game in which the computer measurement and control technology is applied to the specific scheme of the traditional press, but the effect is not the same. If you can master the simulation game battlefield 3, give you a scar - H, and you can get started faster

2016 is called the first year of VR. From the perspective of post engagement, this "first year" is more like an illusion under the capital carnival. When the tide recedes, naked swimmers withdraw one after another, and public opinion cries "VR is dead". However, when we look back at this year's VR market at the end of 2017, we will find that VR is not dead, but is doing well. Maybe VR is a little far from the mainstream market, but it has made good progress in some market segments (such as high-end game players)

if China wants to promote the development of virtual reality industry, it must strengthen the guidance of the government. The early and orderly development is conducive to improving the follow-up development efficiency, increasing kinetic energy and reducing trial and error costs. In addition, there must be top-level design. Before setting standards, there must be professional industrial research institutions, pay attention to people's compound ability, and establish a gradient structure of talents. The development of industrial funds is also essential, which can effectively support and support excellent enterprises

in order to thoroughly implement made in China 2025, promote supply side structural reform, give full play to the supporting role of industrial technology R & D and Application on the spring fracture or too small elastic force on the innovation driven piston, enhance the innovation ability in key links and key fields, and realize the transformation from made in China to created in China, the Ministry of industry and information technology proposed and organized the revision of the development guide for key generic technologies in industry (2017). The guide includes near eye display technology, GPU rendering technology, perceptual interaction technology, communication transmission technology and content production technology in the field of virtual reality

the virtual reality industry is still in the early stage of development. Due to the long industrial chain, it may not be able to develop and popularize rapidly, and it needs a longer process. Therefore, the Chinese industry needs support from many aspects. First, encourage technological innovation in the field of virtual reality through policy guidance; Second, encourage professional and technical personnel with relevant conditions in universities and scientific research institutes to approach the market; The third is to establish a perfect mechanism for the transfer and transformation of achievements; Fourth, strengthen standardization evaluation, intellectual property protection and industry university research and application collaboration

after cleaning up the false fire of the capital frenzy in 2016, the VR market in 2017 can be said to have hit the bottom and rebounded, showing a solid foundation. After the reshuffle, enterprises have gone through a period of speculation and began to pay attention to realization and self-construction. Some new entrants can also think calmly about the industry. Looking forward to next year, there are still a lot to see. Can Microsoft MR head display leverage the market share of the three head displays? Can HTC vive focus change the format of the all-in-one machine market? Can PSVR sell 2million more? What kind of surprise will domestic manufacturers give you? It can be predicted that next year's VR market will usher in the Warring States period

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