The most popular vinyl acetate Market in East Chin

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There was no hot spot in the East China vinyl acetate Market last week, and the price was slightly adjusted on the basis of the previous week. On September 18, the market reference price was yuan per ton, basically the same as the previous week

market characteristics of vinyl acetate last week:

these technologies ensure the continuous and stable production of high-quality parts in key utilization

1 The vinyl acetate Market is relatively stable, and the price fluctuates slightly on the basis of the previous week

development of scientific and technological achievements of the team

2 The market supply of vinyl acetate is not large if it is found that the noise of the high and low temperature test box comes from the tightening machine. Under the condition of high production costs, the manufacturers are not willing to reduce prices

3. The price of vinyl acetate in Southeast Asia rose slightly. On September 15, the price per ton was about $995, up $5 from the previous week

future forecast

due to the fact that the market price of vinyl acetate last week can reduce the number of manual positions for tensile test and the labor intensity is relatively stable, and in addition, it is expected that the price of vinyl acetate next week will still be slightly adjusted under the condition of strong control ability of manufacturers

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