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Vishay launched the industry's first working current sensing resistance under severe temperature

Pennsylvania and Malvern - January 14, 2009 - Vishay in100 meter high residence) tertechnology, Inc. (nyse: VSH China's express industry consumes about 8.268 billion plastic bags, about 16.985 billion meters of tape, and about 2.977 billion internal buffers) recently launched a new high-temperature 1-W surface mount power metal strip resistor, This product is the first in the industry to be available in – 65 61616; C to +275 standard tension sensor, wire rope 61616; 2010 package size current sensing resistor operating in the temperature range of C --- wslt2010... 18. The wslt2010... 18 resistor has a very low resistance value range (10-m to 500-m 8486;) Low error (as low as ± 0.5%) and low TCR value (as low as ± 75 ppm/c)

wslt2010... 18's high temperature resistance and high rated power (twice the standard WSL) make it suitable for current sensing and pulse applications in harsh and high temperature environments without sacrificing rated power or electrical performance. Wslt2010... 18 can be applied in the design. The application range of the system includes automotive engine and transmission control, audio electronics, climate control, anti lock braking and industrial oil and gas drilling, including downhole test/measurement equipment

wslt2010... 18 is manufactured with proprietary technology and has extremely low resistance value. This product is made of all welded structure and low TCR (less than 20 ppm/C) solid metal nickel chromium alloy. It can provide extremely low inductance, excellent frequency response (up to 50 MHz) and low heat EMF (less than 3 μ V/C)。

at present, the new resistor can provide samples and has achieved mass production. The supply cycle of bulk orders is 4 to 6 weeks

vishay introduction

vishay intertechnology, Inc. is a "Fortune 1000 enterprise" listed on the New York Stock Exchange (VSH). It is one of the largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors (diodes, rectifiers, transistors, optoelectronic devices and some selected ICs) and passive electronic components (resistors, capacitors, inductors, sensors and converters) in the world. These components can be used in industry, computing, automobile, consumption, telecommunications Various types of electronic equipment in the military, aerospace and medical markets. With product innovation, successful acquisition strategy and the ability to provide "one-stop" services, Vishay has become a global industry leader. For more information about Vishay, please visit the website

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