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The price of viscose fiber rose to reverse the loss dilemma

Xinxiang Chemical fiber recently issued a performance forecast amendment announcement. It is expected that the company's operating performance will reverse the loss in June, and the company had expected a medium-term loss of 60million yuan. At the same time, Baoding swan, Aoyang technology increased in the medium term, Hubei Jinhuan reversed its losses in the medium term, and Shandong Hailong reversed its losses in the second quarter

insiders said that the price of viscose fiber rose significantly in the second quarter of this year, and the performance of Listed Companies in the second quarter and the interim period will be greatly improved

prices rose significantly

after the Spring Festival this year, the price of viscose fiber gradually strengthened. According to the data, the price of viscose staple fiber (taking 1.5d*38mm as an example) was 11450 yuan per ton at the beginning of February. By the middle of March, it had risen to about 12900 yuan per ton, an increase of about 12.7%. Later, it was adjusted, but the regional differences in the distribution of species were more obvious. In mid April, a wave of larger increase began, from about 12660 yuan/ton to the highest 16000 yuan/ton in early June, an increase of about 26%. At present, the price is basically stable at about 15500 yuan

the price trend of viscose filament is similar, but the increase is smaller than that of staple fiber

in terms of output, according to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, China's output of chemical fiber in May this year reached 1398300 tons, an increase of 18% year-on-year and 7.71% month on month; In April, the chemical fiber output increased by 2.5% year-on-year and 4.49% month on month

according to the analysis of insiders, the rise in viscose prices in February and March this year was mainly due to the demand growth caused by the replenishment of inventory by downstream enterprises and middlemen after the Spring Festival. The price rise in the second quarter was more driven by the recovery of the downstream textile industry

according to the analysis of United Securities, the recovery of textile and clothing industry is becoming more and more obvious. Although the industry export data continued to grow negatively in May, the downward trend slowed down significantly; Domestic sales continued to maintain a good growth momentum. For example, in May, the sales of textiles and clothing increased by 17% year-on-year, much higher than the monthly growth of total commodity sales. This is an important factor driving the rise of chemical fiber prices

some analysts believe that the price rise also has seasonal factors. July and August are the traditional peak seasons of the industry, and prices usually rise

performance gradually improves

rising prices mean an increase in revenue. Some listed companies have felt the positive impact of the market recovery on their business operation due to the extremely low biological risk

Shandong Hailong, a viscose staple fiber manufacturer, said that the company's operation in the second quarter of this year was significantly better than that in the first quarter; Nanjing chemical fiber [8.23 -0.72%] also said that the rise in viscose price in the second quarter was beneficial to the company's operation

according to the statistics of wind, in the first quarter, 7 of the 8 viscose staple fiber enterprises had a net profit loss, only Nanjing chemical fiber made a profit of 52.32 million yuan, and the total loss of the 7 enterprises reached 170million yuan. However, in the first quarter of 2008, only 3 companies suffered losses, and 8 companies made a total profit of 14.62 million yuan

according to the forecast of interim report performance, two enterprises increased in advance, two enterprises reversed losses, and one enterprise reversed losses in the second quarter. Baoding swan's medium-term net profit is expected to increase by 200%-300%, keeping up with the tide of the period. Hubei Jinhuan and Xinxiang Chemical fiber are expected to turn around their losses, while Shandong Hailong's medium-term performance is expected to decline year-on-year, but the loss situation was reversed in the second quarter. It is worth noting that these four enterprises all suffered losses in the first quarter

according to the analysis of insiders, the development prospect of the viscose industry in the second half of the year still depends on the recovery of the downstream textile and clothing industry. The trend of the domestic economy bottoming out is relatively certain, and the viscose industry will continue to warm up under the pull of the domestic market. However, as the European and American markets are still operating at the bottom, the pulling effect of exports on the textile and clothing industry and the viscose industry will still be small

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