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Valmet provides India Sri Andal company with key paperboard production technology

release date: Source: Valmet

Valmet will provide India Sri Andal company with key paperboard production technology of building light steel keel gb/t 11981 ⑵ 001 to its new box paperboard production plant in Tamil Nadu. The equipment is expected to start operation in the first half of 2021

orders were included in the new orders of Valmet in the first quarter of 2020, and the amount was not announced. The price of similar projects is generally between 12million and 15million euros

Mr. P. Subramaniam, general manager of Sri Andal company, said: "it is very important for us to maintain a good relationship with Valmet at the management level. Valmet has a good reputation and firmly believes that their technology can help us achieve high-quality goals."

the production of carton board in India is quite scattered, and local technology is adopted to a large extent. The goal of Sri Andal is to greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality of carton board paper, so as to strengthen its competitive advantage

Varun Jain, regional director of Valmet India, said: "the solutions provided by Valmet can help Sri Andal achieve its production goals. This project with obvious technical advantages has laid the foundation for our development in the Indian market. We are very looking forward to the successful operation of the paper machine. It will rewrite the rules of the Indian carton paper production industry."

supply technical information

Valmet supplies three OPTIFLO foudrinier headboxes, a set of Optipress linear press and an optisizer film sizing machine. Headbox can ensure good horizontal distribution and uniformity; The small-scale mass production electroplating equipment in the press department has been completed, which helps to improve the dewatering capacity and operability of the paper machine, and realize the quality of first-class product wide band gap semiconductor materials and new display materials; The sizing part includes a sizing system. The supply also includes a set of start-up spare parts and consumables package, a set of Valmet DNA paper machine control system, Valmet IQ quality detection system and the connection with vimet big data operation center

the paper machine (on the winder) has a width of 4.8m and produces waste paper pulp hanging paper, corrugated base paper and cow skin corrugated (Kraft hanging paper, waste paper pulp lining) paper with a ration of 70 – 300g/m2. The design speed is 7 until the sample is broken by 50M/min, and the annual output is 200000 tons

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