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A village in Huangshan City, Anhui Province classified garbage can be exchanged for commodities

release date: Source: Beijing Youth Daily

in the "ecological beauty supermarket" in Qiankou village, there is a retaliatory rebound exchange standard under the long-term distortion of recycling and price mechanism on the wall, as well as a commodity price list. One point can be exchanged for every 50 plastic bags, 35 drinking bottles less than 500ml, 30 drinking bottles more than 500ml, 30 toothpaste and toothbrushes, children's toys and other plastic products, and 1 kilogram of plastic film. According to the commodity price list, edible salt can be exchanged by 2 points, key oil can be exchanged by 7 points, and detergent can be exchanged by 4 points. In addition, the points can also be exchanged for washing powder, soap, paper cups, vinegar and other daily necessities

it is reported that in September, 2018, six administrative villages in Qiankou town fully built "ecological beauty supermarket" and operated externally. Hongtao, Secretary of the Party committee of Qiankou village, said that the original intention of establishing the supermarket was, on the one hand, to be a platform for waste reduction, on the other hand, to build a platform for the convenience and benefit of the people, and to spread the concept of ecological civilization

there are two fixed points and one mobile point in Qiankou village. Hong Tao said that at the beginning of the establishment of the supermarket, he would teach the villagers how to classify the garbage. Later, the villagers would sort the garbage and take it to the supermarket. According to the open standards, they also made great progress and breakthrough in entering the Chinese plastic extruder market. Hongtao said that the supermarket implements the point management system. One point is equivalent to one yuan. If the points are saved in their own "passbook", they can be exchanged for daily necessities

the staff has developed a relatively perfect management and exchange system and exchange standards. At present, the method of centralized exchange on Monday and supplemented by daily exchange is implemented, and the items in the supermarket are checked regularly and supplemented in time to ensure that the exchange is guaranteed

after the centralized exchange, the staff will check the recycled garbage, make a classification and registration, and contact the waste purchase station and the cleaning company to clear and transport the garbage. The money from the sale of garbage will be recorded as the fund for the purchase of goods

since its operation, Qiankou town has opened 1661 accounts, accumulatively exchanged 15816 person times, exchanged 22.8 tons of garbage, 49000 pieces of pesticide waste packaging, and exchanged 94000 pieces of daily necessities

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