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Look at the transformation of lighting industry in ancient town: from "selling products" to "selling creativity" and "selling design"

at present, the global lighting industry is developing in the direction of technology, creativity and branding. Lighting manufacturing is gradually changing from the traditional "three new" (new process, new technology and new materials) to "five new" (adding new ideas and new models), the most prominent performance of which is: the new concept of creative design integrated with cultural elements A new brand marketing model close to consumer groups

the lighting industry in Guzhen Town, Guangdong Province has realized from simple individual processing and business to art capital and brand creation focusing on lighting design; From advocating large-scale production of Big Macs to highlighting the rise of cultural characteristics; From the rise of a large number of lighting brands to the formation of a "lighting street", to entering the era of branding of professional high-end lighting stores, the group cooperates to build various brand direct marketing alliances and industrial chain collaboration consortia. Guzhen Town has become a veritable "city of brands" composed of more than 10 collective trademark communities such as "China Lighting City", "Guzhen Lighting", "Guzhen Lighting Expo" and enterprise independent brands. At present, it has 8960 lighting and accessories brand merchants

it has a relatively complete industrial chain and value chain

since the reform and opening up, Guzhen Town, Guangdong Province has made great efforts to develop the lighting industry, formed a lighting industry cluster with Guzhen Town as the core, radiating the surrounding 3 cities and 11 towns, and annual sales of more than 100 billion yuan, becoming a lighting production base and sales center of a certain scale in the world. Since it won the honor of "lighting capital of China" in 2002, the "three magic weapons" of ancient town lighting occupy 70% of the national market all the year round, with mature industrial chain, wide market sales channels and continuous introduction of innovative products

in recent years, with the constraints of resources and environment and the continuous downturn of domestic and foreign economies, the existing technologies and markets of the lighting industry have developed to a "peak". In order to adapt to the new normal of economic development and be brave in industrial reform, Guzhen Town urgently needs to solve the problems of weak independent R & D capability, imperfect innovation system for technology 2 equipped with various specifications of force sensors, and large but weak brands. Among them, the "three no states", such as no standards for classification, no reputation for brands, and no word-of-mouth for terminals, are precisely one of the important reasons why the lighting industry is difficult to build a popular brand. At the same time, lighting itself belongs to the industry with high concentration and low attention in the field of Pan home furnishings. The brand channel is not deep enough to fully cover end consumers, which is also an important reason why lighting brands cannot be widely recognized by the public

from "selling products" to "selling creativity" and "selling design"

2 and stopping mechanical and electrical equipment. In 2014, Guzhen Town became a pilot area for regional brand construction of national industrial clusters. The Party committee and government of Guzhen Town took intellectual property rights as the starting point, and adhered to the development concept of "intellectual property driven design, design driven brand innovation, and innovation driven industrial development" to create a regional brand of "Guzhen Lighting". First, we will strive to promote the "mode innovation" of the lighting industry, change from "selling products" to "selling creativity" and "selling design", and strive to seize the intelligent high-end of the lighting industry chain by customizing according to customer needs, personalized product design, creating light environment, highlighting artistic value, etc. Second, relying on the four strategies of industrial marketing, headquarters economy, regional brand and exhibition economy, we will improve business hardware, innovate marketing means, enhance the reputation of regional brands, etc., gather global merchants, build a global lighting industry lighting center, and promote Guzhen Town to become a global lighting technology R & D and innovation base, a high-end design, manufacturing and Exhibition base, a lighting trend release base and a lighting culture and art exhibition base

over the past few years, Guzhen Town has invested 650million yuan to build a productivity promotion center, cultivate and build key common technology support platforms for modern lighting design and manufacturing, such as intelligent lighting, 3D printing, creative design, e-commerce marketing, photoelectric materials, intelligent production, etc., take scientific and technological innovation as the guide, implement the collaborative strategy of intellectual property and brand innovation, and build independent intellectual property brands relying on strong innovation ability and high-quality products. The development path of "technological innovation → patent confirmation → patent cluster → patent alliance → Patent Standard → brand innovation" has been opened up, and an enterprise virtuous circle of "brand innovation → R & D → innovative intellectual achievements confirmation (patent authorization and trademark registration) → intellectual property transformation → profit growth → re investment in R & D → profit growth → trademark brand popularity increase" has been formed

enjoy international popularity and reputation

nowadays, the ancient town lighting has long abandoned "imitation" and developed into "creation" to win, and independent intellectual property brands have sprung up. Up to now, Guzhen Town has 26 national high-tech enterprises, 3 nationally recognized lighting professional laboratories, 3 provincial engineering research centers, 16 municipal engineering technology centers or new R & D institutions. The independent intellectual property brands have increased year by year, and the regional brand influence of "Guzhen Lighting" has continued to increase. In 2015, the total output value of the lighting industry in the ancient town reached 17.66 billion yuan, with a total export volume of 870million US dollars. The products not only sold well throughout the country, but also exported to more than 130 countries and regions such as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Japan, the United States and Europe, enjoying great popularity and reputation

with the continuous development and expansion of the lighting industry market in the ancient town, the lighting industry in the ancient town has entered the new field of LED lighting from general lighting. Its products have expanded to indoor and outdoor decorative lamps, commercial engineering lamps, packaging, accessories and other supporting links, forming a series of supporting industries from professional design and production to lamp accessories, electrical components, light sources, special materials, processing equipment and so on, showing a dynamic and accelerated development trend, The regional brand influence of "ancient town lighting" continues to increase. Guzhen Town has successively won a series of honorary titles, such as "lighting equipment design and manufacturing industry base of the national fire Jinan test fund professional research and development high-precision microcomputer controlled pressure experimental machine Torch Plan", "national new industrialization industry demonstration base", "national foreign trade transformation and upgrading professional demonstration base", "Guangdong semiconductor lighting industry base", etc

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