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Virtual business license is a fig leaf. Users should make a decision immediately if they want to change their number. Virtual operators have developed for two years. Half of the 42 virtual operators have lost money on the whole line. At present, there are only 13million users, and the ARPU value is only 15 yuan. According to the provisions of the Ministry of industry and information technology on the false business test license, failure to obtain a formal license for two years will result in dismissal. The Sohu technology interview found that the virtual business enterprises are fighting for the license, and many user experiences are poor. Continue to wait for the license or change the number? The user hesitates

two years' experience of a virtual operator user

Li Ying (flower name) is a virtual resale user in Beijing. It is a one-year 180 yuan monthly package, 2000m traffic, 500 minutes of voice and 100 SMS messages. However, this number is only a secondary card in the past year, and voice, traffic and SMS are all left. Li Ying told Sohu about her bad experience in the past two years:

first, the signal was poor. The virtual operator network is used to display the signal of the telecom operator. However, compared with the signal of the operator itself, the signal is much worse. There are five major companies in the world that produce poly (aryl ether ketone), which are often not connected to the network and can not be typed out; Second, in addition to voice, the basic functions such as SMS often have problems. For example, SMS can not be sent normally. In addition to the normal use of bank and other station verification codes, ordinary SMS is often lost; Third, roaming is a big problem. Unlike basic operators, which cancel roaming in China, virtual operators charge roaming fees in China, which becomes a brick in foreign countries, and there is no international roaming; Fourth, customer service can not be found. Almost no offline business hall can be found, and platforms such as Alipay cannot pay fees. The virtual business provides official station payment, but the experience is very poor

virtual operators should establish a unified code of conduct and customer service standards as soon as possible, so that users can find a basis for consulting or complaining, and improve the customer experience. One year ago, the Secretary General of China virtual operator industry alliance called for the improvement of virtual cloud services, but this problem has not been solved yet

what should virtual business users like Li Ying do after using them for two years? In addition to having a secondary card, you can consider carrying the number to return to the camp of the three basic operators. Foreign countries have already started to carry the number to carry the business. At present, more than 40 countries have carried out this business. In China, from 2010 to today, only Hainan, Tianjin, Hubei, Yunnan and Jiangxi provinces and cities have been approved to transfer numbers to pilot cities. As xiangligang, CEO of flying elephant, said: number carrying transfer was an effective way to solve the competition ten years ago. Today, it is of little value. Users have solved the problem with two guns. Moreover, huge social resources have been wasted to meet the needs of a very small number of people. This work should be stopped

what should users with poor experience from virtual operators do? Whether we can only consider early shutdown

license protection battle

according to the pilot scheme of virtual operators previously released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the pilot will expire at the end of 2015. After the expiration, relevant policies will be adjusted according to the pilot implementation, and the formal commercial use of mobile resale business will be studied. According to Sohu technology, at present, domestic virtual operators are preparing or submitting relevant materials. Although the number of users is small, the experience is half, and the reputation is mediocre, virtual operators still have to fight to protect their numbers

following the distribution of virtual operator brands by Xiaomi in September, Lenovo released the communication known by the communication operation service brand at the end of October to enter the virtual operator business, which was interpreted by the industry as the final sprint to protect the license

Linbin, President of Xiaomi, told Sohu technology that for Xiaomi, the virtual business is just a new attempt. The company has not set KPI indicators for Xiaomi mobile. At present, the key is to look at the public praise and user experience of Xiaomi mobile among users

Lin Bin said that the selling price of virtual operators is more than 400 yuan/cubic meter lower than that of mainstream enterprises. The formal license needs to meet the relevant indicators stipulated by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and needs to be evaluated and approved. Only when it meets the relevant assessment requirements of the Ministry of industry and information technology can it obtain the formal license. Therefore, according to the analysis of insiders, Xiaomi's virtual business without KPI assessment has only one goal, that is, to obtain a formal virtual business license before talking about the next step

and Xiaomi executives have similar views on the virtual resale business. Wang Shuai, vice president of Lenovo Group, said in an interview with Sohu technology that Lenovo has not put more pressure on the virtual operator business in terms of users and profits for the time being, and it is the first priority to do a good job in user experience and brand. Lenovo's virtual resale business is relatively late, but the early lessons are still solid. The first step is to ensure that it can obtain a formal virtual operation license

sohuke's fierce domestic competition will be transmitted to the international market. It has been noted that in the past month, in addition to Xiaomi and Lenovo, senior executives of virtual operators such as snail mobile, ZTE, yuante communication, etc. have been interviewed by Sohu technology and said that their enterprises have reached the official license standard of virtual operators and are confident to obtain licenses

according to insiders, the evaluation of virtual operators by the Ministry of industry and information technology focuses on information security, customer service and business development. In terms of information security, whether we have done a good job in preventing user information leakage and whether we have strictly implemented the real name system are important considerations. Therefore, it is reasonable for the senior management of virtual operators to play down KPIs such as the number of users and profits

is it worth waiting for a license plate

around the national day, many virtual operators were interviewed by the Ministry of industry and information technology because of spam messages and 170 Telecom fraud

according to insiders' analysis, in order to pilot the virtual operator license, many enterprises spend tens of millions of dollars. If large-scale virtual operators are excluded due to evaluation problems, it may affect the reform of the entire private enterprise into the telecommunications industry. Therefore, in addition to regulating the market, the interview is more of a kind reminder and warning before licensing

according to the analysis of the person, according to the evaluation criteria, even if there is no user, as long as the above aspects are in place, the license plate problem will not be affected. However, as of October 31, the virtual operators that still haven't taken any action are definitely out

however, after obtaining the official license, the virtual operators cannot get out of the downturn at once

zouxueyong disclosed to Sohu technology that after two years of development, only half of the 44 virtual businesses have conducted business with a total of 13million users, accounting for 0.9% of the total number of mobile users in China. Among them, snail Mobile has more than 3million users, and Jingdong, Alibaba, yuante, DiXinTong, Gome, Suning, sharing communication and bus users have more than one million. The urpe value is only about 15 yuan, and all these virtual operators are in a state of loss. At the recent meeting organized by the national development and Reform Commission, ten virtual resale enterprises attended the meeting. The top virtual operators in user development all invested between 100 million yuan, and their losses were basically about 50million yuan

Guan Tao, general manager of Gome Jixin communication, said in an interview with Sohu technology that as of October 31, the number of users of Gome Jixin had exceeded 800000, of which the ARPU value of users was about 16 yuan. As the saying goes, millions of users are easy to get, but the business model is hard to find

Guan Tao said that virtual operators are first mobile communication operators. In order to carry out communication operations, they need a lot of capital investment in system construction, human resources and marketing. According to the statistical data of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the average monthly cost of each virtual operation enterprise is 10000 yuan (excluding the settlement fee). If the average ARPU is 15 yuan, the gross profit is 10%, the average user is 6 months, and the new users account for 20%, When the number of users reaches 3.8 million, the gross profit can be 5million yuan/month, and the user development cycle can be as long as 36 months. If the ARPU value (average income per user) of the virtual operator reaches 35 yuan and the number of users exceeds 1million, the revenue and expenditure can be basically balanced. It may take two years to reach this level

in an exclusive interview with Sohu technology, Chenyan, CEO of snail mobile, said that virtual operators' price wholesale and retail upside down led to losses, while basic telecom operators played the dual roles of referee and athlete in the market. If the rules of the game did not change, virtual operators were destined to have no future

under the current background of wholesale and retail upside down, it is impossible to establish a benign profit model in the short term by simply relying on basic communication services, which is a typical uneconomical scale. Guan Tao believes that the user scale is the foundation for the future development of virtual operators, but more importantly, Klaus mafi belstov has taken UD to further improve the competitiveness of its fiberform process. Based on the user scale, it is the survival of virtual operators and the original intention of the government to start the resale pilot project to walk out a differentiated operation path and create the profitability of value-added services

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