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All kinds of man-made panels

panels are a kind of auxiliary materials with large consumption in decoration, and they are widely used in furniture production, ceiling, partition, etc. because adhesives are more or less used in the production process of panels, panels are also building materials products with the most pollution release from decoration. When purchasing, pay attention to selecting products that meet environmental protection standards

■ large core board: also known as blockboard, it is a board made of natural rotary cutting veneer and solid wood panel by gluing and hot pressing. Because a large amount of glue will be used in the production process, there is a problem that the formaldehyde emission exceeds the standard. When choosing blockboard, we must pay attention to those that meet the environmental protection standards above E1 level

■ finger joint plate: the finger joint plate is formed by splicing multiple boards, and the upper and lower parts are no longer glued and pressed. Because the vertical boards adopt sawtooth interfaces, which is similar to the cross docking of two fingers, it is called finger joint plate

■ density board: also known as fiberboard, it is an artificial board made of wood fiber or other plant fiber with urea formaldehyde resin or other adhesives. The surface of the density board is smooth and flat, the material is fine, the performance is stable, the edge is firm, and the decorative property of the board surface is good. However, the moisture resistance of density board is poor, and the nail holding force is worse than that of particleboard

■ directional particleboard: also known as OSB board, solid wood particle board and European pine board, it is a kind of directional structural board made of small-diameter wood, thinning wood and wood core, which is processed by special equipment into long shavings, and then processed by degreasing, drying, sizing, directional paving, hot pressing and other processes. Its surface plane is arranged longitudinally, and its core plane is arranged transversely. This crisscross arrangement reorganizes the wood texture structure, eliminates the influence of wood internal stress on processing, and makes it easy to process and moisture-proof. Due to the large solid wood particles inside, the use of adhesives is reduced, and the environmental protection is better than that of MDF

■ melamine board: it is a kind of board bonded by melamine paper and man-made board. Melamine paper has certain impact resistance and can print various patterns. The wood patterns on the surface of furniture are printed on this kind of professional paper, but in fact, the internal board is generally planked board or density board

■ gypsum board: the most commonly used is paper gypsum board, which is often used as ceiling material, ceiling line material and wall decoration material. In addition, there is a kind of waterproof gypsum board, which adds a certain amount of waterproof agent to the gypsum core material, so that the gypsum itself has a certain waterproof performance

■ sauna board: sauna board originally refers to a kind of log board specially used in sauna room, which is connected by plug-in, easy to install, and can withstand high temperature and is not easy to change after high-temperature degreasing treatment. In home decoration, it is often used for bathroom or balcony ceiling


materials for ceiling are divided into wood keel and light steel keel

■ wooden keel: also called wooden square, it is generally used for gypsum board ceiling and plastic steel board ceiling

■ light steel keel: according to its model, specification and purpose, there are T-shaped, C-shaped, U-shaped keels, etc., which are generally used for aluminum gusset ceiling and integrated ceiling

water pipe fittings

■ PPR pipe: PPR pipe has outstanding physical properties, which are non-toxic, light, pressure resistant and corrosion-resistant. It is suitable not only for cold water pipes, but also for hot water pipes, and even pure drinking water pipes. The interface of PPR pipe adopts hot-melt technology, and the pipes are completely integrated together, so once the installation and pressure test pass, it will not exist for a long time like aluminum-plastic pipe, aging and water leakage. In addition, PPR pipe is a widely used domestic water supply pipe due to its low price and convenient installation

■ inner wire and outer wire: connectors connecting faucets, water meters, and other types of water pipes

■ angle valve: also known as stop valve, it is a kind of water piece used between the water outlet point on the wall and the soft connection to control the water output

■ soft connection: also known as hose, it is a kind of water piece used to connect the tap and the water outlet point

all kinds of glue

■ glass glue: it is used to bond the cabinet table and kitchen wall, fix the basin and toilet, and caulk and fix some places. The products include acid glass glue, silicic acid neutral structural glue, silicone stone glue, neutral mold proof glue, bathroom mold proof special glue, etc. Consumers should choose glass glue according to the specific purpose

■ foam adhesive: when the material is sprayed from the aerosol tank, the foamy polyurethane material will expand rapidly and solidify with the air or the moisture in the contacted matrix to form foam. The cured foam has many effects, such as caulking, bonding, sealing, heat insulation, sound absorption and so on. It can be used for sealing and plugging, filling and caulking, fixing and bonding, heat preservation and sound insulation

ceramic tile accessories

■ jointing agent: also known as caulking agent, it is specially used to fill the gaps of ceramic tiles. The jointing agent is a dry powder material with white cement as the main material and a small amount of inorganic pigments, polymers and micro fungicides added

■ jointing agent: an upgraded product of jointing agent, which is composed of polymers and pigments and has the characteristics of impermeability and waterproof

■ tile locator: also known as cross, it is an auxiliary tool used to fix the gap size of tiles




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