The initial beauty of Laoka's wardrobe

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It is said that the first impression is very important. Before we have too much understanding, we only have a glance, but for a moment, whether the image of things is good or bad, there is an initial model in people's understanding. A good initial impression is the beginning of a good image

labor card company adheres to the road of survival by quality, development by science and technology, abiding by contracts and keeping promises, and its production and operation have developed rapidly. We will sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life with high-quality products and the most perfect after-sales service to jointly create a better future

lacca VI image

lacca took the lead in using the novel "VIS (brand visual identification system)" in the wardrobe industry. The new logo makes the lacca wardrobe brand clear, easy to identify and distinctive, and the brand image is new, full of vitality, more atmospheric and fashionable

image of lacca wardrobe store

lacca's overall wardrobe store, store in store and other stores are designed to reflect lacca's fashion, professionalism and high taste, and the bright and fashionable modern visual image is more attractive

internal image of Laoka wardrobe

Laoka wardrobe has high-quality product quality, fast delivery time, strong marketing team, innovative products and good service. Lawka wardrobe has maintained close strategic cooperation with international high-end enterprises such as Germany Shule company and Canada 2020 company, ensuring that lawka's overall wardrobe has always been synchronized with the world. The designer team with advanced German Haomai precision production equipment and strong design ability and new product research and development ability, coupled with professional technicians who have been engaged in the production and processing of overall wardrobe and panel furniture for many years, ensures the sustainable competitiveness of Laoka wardrobe

both externally and internally, Lauca appears in our sight with a perfect and unique image. It follows the people-oriented spirit and adds a stylish and colorful home culture





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