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The same indoor door, material performance is very different. Now let's share with you the differences between various indoor wooden doors

as indoor doors, the material performance is very different. Now let's share with you the differences between various indoor wooden doors

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1. Solid wood interior door

solid wood production, the price is high, but it is mainly because now the wood on the market is quick, and the door made is also relatively easy to deform, so for places with large changes in climate temperature or humidity, choose solid wood doors with caution, which is easy to warp and deform

2. Molded interior door

press two shaped door faces together with some fiberboard by machinery. Generally, the middle is hollow, and the surface will be pasted with anti wood grain finish. The price is very cheap, but the environmental protection performance is relatively poor. Due to the use of more glue, the formaldehyde emission will be higher, and its sound insulation effect and feel are not good, and the moisture-proof performance is also relatively poor

3. Steel and wood interior doors

are mostly new products launched by manufacturers who used to produce anti-theft doors. The middle is a wooden keel, and the outside is a steel plate, with a wood grain finish on the surface. The advantage is that it is not easy to deform, but the disadvantage is that it is very heavy, which is a test for hinges and door frames. If PVC film is used for the door pocket of steel and wood doors, there may be a hidden danger of falling off after a long time. The shape and color of steel and wood interior doors are generally dull

4. Solid wood composite interior door

high quality solid wood composite interior door should be the most ideal choice at present. Its production process is probably as follows: use solid wood keel in the middle, stick wood fiberboard on both sides, stick solid wood skin after modeling, and finally make paint (if it is a mixed throttle, do not stick wood skin, directly make paint). Because its surface is attached with solid wood skin, and the general paint is also completed in the factory, Its shape and color are generally very close to pure solid wood doors, and there are many choices of patterns, and its special technology also ensures that it is not easy to deform. However, because the manufacturer's production process cannot be verified, many solid wood composite door manufacturers also use inferior materials in places such as filling materials, so solid wood composite interior doors should also choose products with good reputation





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