Beware of autumn dryness when decorating in autumn

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Beware of "autumn dryness" in autumn decoration: replenish water appropriately and dry naturally in the shade

September is a good season for decoration in people's traditional concept

although many owners can say a series of benefits, such as "wood is not susceptible to moisture", "paint is easy to dry", this does not mean that decoration in autumn can be comfortable

this newspaper summarizes the typical problems that need attention in autumn decoration, and summarizes them as follows:

1 The wood is dry and cracked

2. Cracks in wall paint and wallpaper

the fine weather in autumn is the best reason why people regard September as the "golden period" of decoration

at the same time, the dry climate in autumn will also bring some negative effects to the decoration. If handled improperly, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to the home life after decoration

in the face of some thorny problems in Jinqiu decoration, the reporter interviewed experts in decoration to solve problems for you, so that you can take precautions in Jinqiu home decoration

the wood is dry and cracked

the air is dry and crisp in autumn. The wood should not be damp in this climatic environment, and the paint and coating are also relatively easy to volatilize and dry. But if the prevention is not proper, it will cause some trouble. For example, if it is not properly treated, small cracks will appear on the wood surface, and the wood line at the edge will shrink, thereby affecting the appearance of the decorative panel

expert countermeasures: carry out oil sealing treatment

when decorating in autumn, try not to put the wood in a ventilated place. This is because the climate in autumn is relatively dry. If the wood is placed in a ventilated place for air drying, the moisture in the wood will be lost quickly, and the surface of the wood will be dry and cracked, or even small cracks will appear

in early autumn, how to deal with the wood needed in the decoration process? According to Yuanzhou decoration designer sun





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