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(Katie caretaker. Quiet) with the continuous development of the market economy, the work of doors and windows has become increasingly sophisticated, and the market competition has intensified, which has turned the development of enterprises to focus on consumers, and the buyer has become the dominant player in the market. In such a setting, door and window enterprises no longer blindly set sail from their own perspective, ignoring consumer demand, in order to avoid losing the initiative of the mall and being abandoned by consumers

the continuous hot work of doors and windows has made more people see the profit points. Large and small enterprises continue to emerge, trying to take a share in the work boom, resulting in fierce competition in door and window shopping malls. Coupled with the buyer's shopping malls, the buyer has a favorable position in shopping malls transactions. In the past, door and window enterprises may be able to rely on their own advantages and ignore consumer demand to occupy a certain position in the mall, but now, only by putting consumer demand first can they stand firm in the mall and earn a living

the competition of door and window shopping malls is becoming increasingly sticky. If door and window enterprises want to stand out, they need to not only improve the function and function of door and window products, but also enhance their effectiveness and add a sense of understanding of door and window products. For example, consumers tend to buy door and window products offline, mainly because consumers pay more attention to practical understanding. Therefore, as an offline sale, doors and windows should have strong effectiveness and good quality to provide consumers with high-quality products and effectiveness

it's better to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish. Technology is always the basic address for a person to carry out durable development. It's the same for people and door and window enterprises! When it comes to technology, we have to say that innovation. It is not something we should be proud of to have the technology of our city. If a door and window brand wants to win the favor of consumers, it is necessary to use innovation to play a differentiated card, otherwise our doors and windows are completely different, and there is no reason for consumers to choose

now, the prospect of door and window shopping malls is very good, and many people want to come to share a share. However, if you just blindly imitate others, be content with the status quo and don't try to find a development path that fits the characteristics of the enterprise, you will only sink yourself into the mire and live in the shadow of others. When the contestants have reached a certain level, it is no longer possible to rely on the quality of the foundation if they want to win. They can only rely on the technological innovation of each enterprise, research and announce the bright spots that are different from other products in the market, so that their products can have a precise positioning





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