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Heidelberg held a special application technology exchange meeting with Hubei Xinhua printing at the end of the year to lead value innovation

on December 28, 2010, the Heidelberg special application technology exchange meeting held by Hubei Xinhua printing and the Shanghai Representative Office of Heidelberg company and the 2017 demonstration of good industrial prospects in the field of new materials held by Hubei Xinhua Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102 was kicked off at Marco Polo Hotel in Wuhan. With the theme of leading value innovation and seizing market opportunities, this presentation discussed how to help enterprises develop a broader offset printing market with special printing technologies such as multi-color and UV glazing. Ms. Tian Wuying, chairman and general manager of Hubei Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., Huang Lianguang, general manager of Heidelberg Shanghai Representative Office, Yan Xiang, director of Heidelberg Shanghai prepress products, Chen linkun, general manager of Heidelberg Shanghai sheet fed solution sales, fan Ziping, manager of Heidelberg post press products, and other leaders attended the event and had a sincere exchange with the participants. More than 120 managers and senior technicians from printing enterprises and professional binding processing plants gathered together to witness the super competitiveness of Heidelberg solutions

the activity began with the welcome speech of huanglianguang, general manager of Heidelberg Shanghai Representative Office. President Huang said that in recent years, packaging and special printing have developed by leaps and bounds, and UV printing has become the darling of high-end offset printing. Hubei Xinhua can sensitively invest in the introduction of Heidelberg offset printing machine with five colors and UV glazing, which conforms to the development of printing in the future and will be able to obtain stronger competitiveness in addition to its traditional advantages of book printing. Heidelberg company pays close attention to the market trend of the printing industry, constantly weeding out the old and bringing forth the new, and helps customers remain invincible with the most advanced solutions

Chen linkun, general manager of Heidelberg Shanghai sheet fed solution sales, made a keynote speech to lead value innovation and grasp market opportunities. He put forward suggestions for printing enterprises facing serious challenges of traditional four-color printing business, that is, optimize resource allocation through integrated processes, so as to improve production efficiency and reduce auxiliary time; In addition, adopt the most appropriate equipment and process, and use differentiation strategy to gain competitive advantage. Only in this way can we get out of the dilemma and prepare for the next round of growth cycle

Yan Xiang, head of prepress products in Heidelberg Shanghai, and fan Ziping, manager of prepress products in Heidelberg, also introduced in detail to the guests the workflow of Heidelberg prepress, the advantages of CTP computer direct plate making machine, and the powerful power of Heidelberg prepress solutions. The Heidelberg integrated solution from pre press to post press can cooperate step by step to help the enterprise further improve printing. Plus, the joint venture may improve the company's annual EBITDA level, improve the double-digit work quality, deliver goods on time, and save costs, so as to effectively cope with the current market's increasingly high requirements for printing quality and the shortage of work days. The printing samples displayed at the exchange meeting were all made of first-class technology and materials, with exquisite design, which attracted great interest from the audience

After the meeting, the guests drove to the production workshop of Hubei Xinhua Printing for a visit. Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102 five color glazing offset press demonstrated a beautiful five color moving parts on the spot. When the guests saw that the equipment was running at high speed, and the identification of non-metallic inclusions showed pieces of five color moving parts with excellent quality, gorgeous and fashionable, they all praised its high production efficiency and excellent print quality. Dozens of special printing samples and the printing samples of Xinhua factory were also displayed at the scene

Hubei Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. is a large-scale comprehensive book and magazine printing service enterprise in Hubei, which undertakes teaching materials and teaching aids, quality books, color page advertisements, periodical picture books, color newspapers, paper packaging, providing customers with digital management and services, etc. The company covers an area of more than 100000 square meters, with total assets of 226 million yuan. In 2006, the company achieved a sales revenue of 113 million yuan, a net profit of 11.36 million yuan, 560 on-the-job employees, and a provincial civilized unit. In 2002, the company won the Bronze Award for excellent quality enterprise of books and periodicals of the General Administration of publishing of the people's Republic of China five times in 2006, and won the title of contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise in Hubei Province and Wuhan city for many consecutive years

figure note:

Figure 1: the activity began in the welcome speech of Huang Lianguang, general manager of Heidelberg Shanghai Representative Office

Figure 2: all the guests at the presentation praised Heidelberg for its high production efficiency and excellent print quality

Figure 3: from left to right, Sun Hong, manager of Heidelberg Shanghai system service department; Xiong Yongshan, chief engineer of Hubei Xinhua printing; Huang Lianguang, general manager of Heidelberg Shanghai; Tian Wuying, chairman and general manager of Hubei Xinhua; Chen linkun, general manager of Heidelberg Shanghai sales; Zoujian, deputy general manager of Hubei Xinhua; Heidelberg Shanghai Sales Director - Liu JinFang

Heidelberg China Co., Ltd.

Heidelberg Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., with a history of 160 years, is the world's largest manufacturer of complete sets of printing equipment and the only manufacturer to provide customers with a complete set of printing solutions. Heidelberg China Co., Ltd. was officially established in 1998, with its headquarters in Beijing. At the same time, it has set up representative offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Hong Kong, and set up an assembly plant in Qingpu, Shanghai in 2006. At present, it has more than 700 employees

innovation originates from passion and builds the peak of printing art together. Heidelberg is determined to grow and take off with the Chinese printing industry

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