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preferential solution, perfect choice. Although the current printing volume of live parts is getting smaller and smaller, customers hope that the printed matter will be more colorful, faster and cheaper. Such market demand has brought severe challenges to small and medium-sized printing enterprises. Their services range from commercial stationery and forms to leaflets and high-quality picture albums. Therefore, these enterprises need to maintain a high degree of flexibility in production. At the Beijing International Printing Exhibition, Heidelberg Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. (Heidelberg) showed how to overcome this problem through its business printing solutions, which were specially customized for business scale and demand. All solutions are based on the needs and goals of printing companies. Do you want to be fully prepared for the growing demand for color and post press processing; For the bottleneck phenomenon in the operation process, whether we want to remove it by additional investment; In addition, do you want to expand your business to the new format market? The audience saw the demonstration of separate printing and prepress, printing and Postpress components embedded in the end-to-end operation process. In a modern printing factory, its production system should be suitable for the enterprise's own live parts and customer structure, and can reliably and economically support the company's core business. The operation process concept based on yinba and xuba series has developed very mature under the customized guiding ideology, which can be applied to entry-level users and support companies with targeted development strategies. The operation process provides customers with a variety of choices of A3 and A2 formats, from various types of scanners and imagesetters in the prepress stage to post press processing machinery. GTO is a primary printing machine for eight format specifications and can be extended. And yinba pm- is applicable to four format specifications. Speedmaster SM is a high-volume solution for small format operations, while SM is suitable for medium format operations. One of the important features of INBA GTO 52 series printing machines is that they can gradually expand their functions according to their needs. This series of printing machines has been widely used in the world's high-end A3 format offset press market, and its versatility and innovative design have once again won praise in the industry at the drupa 2000 exhibition. The application of new operator oriented concept, improved ergonomic design, movable polishing machine, paper turnover mechanism and optional marking and cage device make the printing machine obtain the highest flexibility, so that users have new development potential. If the printing company hopes to stick to the position of A3 format, the speedpa SM 52 will be an ideal upgrade choice. It is characterized by excellent quality, highest productivity, high cost-effectiveness of short version live parts, and economy brought by short preparation period and high automation. Despite the growing demand in the general business market, with the help of SM 52, printing companies have always been able to maintain a fast and flexible response. After the drupa 2000 exhibition, this model and CP2000 Center printing control system and glazing system representing cutting-edge technology have been supplied at the same time. With the help of CP2000 Center printing control system and optional software such as presetlink, Supa series printers have been living in the digital workflow. A variety of options to connect with the prepress stage make the operation process fast and reliable, and customer service faster. In addition to the five color GTO and Speedmaster SM 52, as part of the business printing solution, Heidelberg also displayed the Speedmaster QM 46. It can save the multi-color printing machine from monochrome and two-color moving parts, so that each moving part can be produced in the most economical way. Heidelberg Indra PM 74, which was first unveiled at the drupa 2000 exhibition, is an entry-level choice for the four format market. The two-color model shown is a good entry-level choice for the medium format range, and it can have the best productivity through reasonable additional investment. Heidelberg will provide Speedmaster SM 74 as a two-color printing machine for printing plants that mainly improve their toughness and have high printing volume demand. Thanks to high automation and high production speed, Heidelberg's Supa series printing machines can obtain considerable profits and excellent quality in ultra short and ultra long live parts. In terms of post press processing, Heidelberg will launch polar 66 and polar 92 paper cutters and stahlfolder Ti 55 origami to make the equipment run more smoothly; One bottle is marked as ldquo; Ultra fine copper powder rdquo; Product machine. Once the small and medium-sized general business printing companies have these machines, they can complete all the operations of movable parts with a format of less than four openings by themselves. For more information, please contact: Hai, as a pilot enterprise of the top 100 national innovation enterprises, Debao China Co., Ltd.: + Fax: + 2200 e-mail: u@ or visit our website

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