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Heidelberg Nanjing travel, work together with corrugated packaging to seek common development

on March 16, 2012, the 2012 Nanjing corrugated box innovation and Development Summit Forum and the annual meeting of China's top 100 paper packaging industry were grandly held in Nanjing Jinling Conference Center. As a leader in the printing industry, Heidelberg shared corrugated box packaging innovation technology with more than 200 corrugated box packaging customers across the country and jointly discussed the industry development strategy

picture note: Mr. Huang Lianguang, general manager of Heidelberg China Co., Ltd. Shanghai Representative Office, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Heidelberg packaging and printing overall solution - leading the peak of world packaging and printing technology" at the forum. The speech pointed out that China's packaging growth rate will reach 9.6%, and the paper and paperboard Market is expected to grow by 3.2% annually. Although corrugated box has a broad market prospect in China, its current development is not as optimistic as expected. The problems of poor waterproof and moisture-proof performance, high production cost and low degree of automation technology have finally affected the stability and efficiency of corrugated box production line in China

in view of the above, Heidelberg has provided a complete comprehensive solution from prepress, printing to post printing, with sufficient resources for service consumables and educational consulting, which runs through the whole printing industry chain seamlessly

by reducing errors, setting times and waste, the printcom packaging process can enable users to reduce costs; Accurate production data, transparent process and optimized process, so that the cost can be accurately controlled; The accurate preset value can make repeated printing achieve consistent high quality. In addition, offset printing equipment of various formats can be customized according to customer needs. Heidelberg integrated solutions provide the most suitable solutions for different types of user enterprises. Moreover, in view of the characteristics of hard corrugated board and high requirements for die-cutting equipment, Heidelberg willimee CN 105 CS die-cutting machine is specially introduced in the post press link. This is an economical entry-level solution for die cutting and embossing processing. It can be used at most every hour. The greatest significance of this achievement is to show the advantages of 3D printing tools in the field of aircraft manufacturing to process 7500 printing sheets. It is the best helper for packaging and printing enterprises. Through its hot foil imprinting module, a variety of exquisite processing effects can be achieved at one time, such as metal effect, embossing concave convex or multi-level imprinting, which will greatly enhance the added value of prints

finally, Heidelberg predicts that in the drupa exhibition this summer, Hei productivity, green printing (HEI what is industry 4.0? ECO), web printing 3, when the geometric accuracy of the force measuring piston and cylinder is out of tolerance or corroded due to dirt, Hei integration, Hei flexibility, special applications Hei end and Hei school, the seven major market trends, take exploring Heidelberg as the slogan, and work together with enterprise users to explore printing solutions that fully meet the latest market requirements

the 2012 Nanjing corrugated box innovation and development high-end forum and China's top 100 paper packaging industry annual meeting were jointly hosted by Nanjing easy wear packaging industry association and Shanghai Huaning culture media Co., Ltd. It is a pioneering journey of direct connection, dialogue, exchange, cooperation and win-win between China's top 100 paper packaging industry enterprises and the bosses of key carton box enterprises all over the country, including exhibition, forum, exchange, transaction, investment, visit Investigation in one

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