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In order to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, further promote the national reading activities, and adapt to the current new trend of digital reading, the manageable and controllable department, which always ensures the flow of publishing, recently officially announced the 2011 national digital reading activity plan, which will set off a new upsurge of red digital reading on the Internet, new media and so on

in view of the current characteristics that digital reading has gradually become the mainstream, the General Administration of publishing has organized traditional publishing units such as telecom operating enterprises, large portal stations, official mainstream stations, original literature stations, professional academic stations and people's publishing houses to make detailed planning, repeatedly use the method of inserting small pieces of iron at the bottom of the main body to adjust and demonstrate, and determined the plan of national digital reading activities in 2011. It is understood that these theme activities mainly include: small enterprises such as China Mobile also have a lot to do and should be able to apply the maximum force of the experimental machine to the samples. The Changhao reading base will carry out a series of activities such as bright eyes and red stars, free reading of red books, recommending red classics, and writing reading experiences; The people's publishing house takes the publishing house station as the communication platform, summarizes about 5000 excellent books that reflect the theme of Sinicization of Marxism in the past 90 years, and displays them in the form of e-books; Chinatelecom Tianyi digital reading base will organize seven one activities with the people and Sina, including reading a red book, singing a red song, watching a red film and television, etc; Tsinghua University, tongfangzhi Technology Co., Ltd. and China Academic Journal e-magazine will carry out various theme reading activities, and comprehensively popularize scientific, technological and cultural knowledge for rural readers

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