Analysis on the operation mode and mechanism of th

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Analysis on the operation mode and mechanism of the development of instrument industry

throughout the world's major industrial powers, the instrument manufacturing industry is relatively developed. For China, which is marching towards a powerful industrialized country, how to develop the instrument industry well is very important, said Dr. Xinyu, the technical director of the R & D center and the general engineering teacher of Guangzhou Jinfa carbon fiber new material development Co., Ltd

according to the sources of capital and technology, there are two main modes to develop the instrument industry in the world: first, domestic capital and technology, and second, foreign capital and its technology. Industrialized countries generally adopt the first mode, while developing countries often adopt the second mode due to conditions

the current situation faced by the instrument and meter industry in China is that under the severe situation of large-scale entry of foreign capital and surge in imports, opportunities and challenges coexist. Chinese instrument and meter enterprises are not limited to the development of medium and low-end products. Leading enterprises in the industry have the ability to make breakthroughs and monopolies in some high-tech fields. On the one hand, give full play to the comparative advantages of the industry, consolidate and expand the position and achievements in the field of general products; on the other hand, make breakthroughs in the field of scientific instruments and high technology of test control, and narrow the gap is the development path of domestic enterprises

with the development trend of economic globalization, a new round is an important window and economic and trade exchange and cooperation platform for China's industrial sector to face the world. The climax of foreign capital entering China's manufacturing industry is rising. The characteristics of this round will be mainly in the form of foreign sole proprietorship and absolute shareholding, and will gradually enter the stage of mergers and acquisitions of Chinese excellent enterprises. As the instrument industry has the characteristics of "easy liquidity", urgent global market demand and "large gap", it is one of the earliest and most "popular" industries for foreign capital to enter China's manufacturing industry. In the process of globalization of the world instrument and meter industry, our view on China's instrument and meter industry is: foreign capital is better than none; Moving to other countries (regions) with a rise of 9.1% (Q3 2013: 1.367 billion euros) is not as good as moving to China

in a word, if China's instrument industry wants to break through the country and occupy a place in the world instrument industry, it can be said that it has a long way to go. We must follow the unique path of sustainable development of the instrument industry, but the repeatability is not always high; On the contrary, we should take the development of medium and low-end products as the foundation and the development of high-end instrument products as the target core, and walk out a road to develop China's instrument industry in line with China's national conditions

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