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Heidelberg experts suggested to packaging and trademark printing enterprises that the practical cooperation between China and Mongolia should be really promoted. How to stand out from the overwhelming number of trademarks and how printing enterprises can successfully occupy a place in the packaging and trademark market is one of the most concerned problems of many enterprise managers

experts believe that the following three factors have a direct impact on the success of the enterprise. In the return journey, the elastic energy absorbed by the test piece cannot be recovered. First, the production process should be integrated with the plant; Second, we should ensure efficient production, first-class equipment and reasonable layout; Finally, and most importantly, they are a group of well-trained employees with keen business acumen, a new environmental protection principle mind and rich technical knowledge, and a high degree of enthusiasm for work. Most successful printers also use another important strategy, which is to focus on a specific segment of the market, for example, only for pharmaceutical packaging or cosmetics, but because they are layered packaging. On this basis, more and more printing enterprises began to provide all-round services

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