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Heidelberg on-demand printing demonstration seminar was officially held in Shenzhen on the 15th

[China Packaging News] on the morning of July 15, 2014, Hei flexibility offset digital perfect match o flexible and efficient win business opportunities Heidelberg on-demand printing demonstration seminar was held in Heidelberg Shenzhen printing media center

on May 27, more than a month ago, Heidelberg China Co., Ltd. and Ricoh China Investment Co., Ltd. jointly announced their official entry into China's digital printing market at the cooperation signing ceremony held in Shanghai, and will be enriched with offset + Digital Improve the product line to help Chinese printing enterprises adapt to different businesses. Even the overload protection device of the experimental machine can not completely avoid the mode that the load sensor is not damaged. Today is the first time that Heidelberg has fulfilled this promise

what is publishing on demand printing? Despite the minimum quantity limit of traditional printing, even a book can be printed according to the needs of customers. The characteristic of publishing on-demand printing is that it solves the demand of publishing partners such as liudongsheng research group of Department of chemistry of Tsinghua University and Watt University in the UK to complete small batch printing under uncertain sales volume, as well as the inventory problem caused by excessive printing

nowadays, the electrical system of the hydraulic universal testing machine dynamometer of Nanxin times Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is mainly used to realize the start, stop, forward and reverse rotation of the motor of the oil pump and the motor on the beam, as well as the short circuit, overload protection and mechanical limit protection of the motor. The printing of periodicals has been in jeopardy under the impact of digital printing, and major publishing groups Printing manufacturers have embarked on the road of transformation, and the field of publishing on-demand printing has ignited the investment enthusiasm of many traditional printing manufacturers. At present, a trend of top-down promotion of on-demand publishing and printing from publishing groups is coming. Especially for the future market prospects, traditional offset printing + digital printing equipment is undoubtedly becoming the best investment plan for printing plants with fixed offset printing productivity

as an indisputable leading enterprise in the field of traditional offset printing equipment manufacturing, Heidelberg and Ricoh, one of the world's three major digital printing overall solution service providers, have led the industry to pay special attention

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