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Heidelberg company received orders for two main stream printing machines from France

French regional Le Dauphine libere has recently ordered two main stream printing machines from Heidelberg company

these two printing machines will be transported to the printing point of the newspaper group in veurey voroize near Grenoble in the spring of 2004, and will start operation later in 2004

dauphine liberty newspaper is owned by Delaroche holding company. In order to achieve customer satisfaction in an all-round way, its circulation is about 300000 copies, mainly in Rhone Alpes region and some regions of Provence

Mr. Christian Mercer, the company's technical director, said that the upgrading of production tools is very important to meet the needs of readers and advertisers, while maintaining the company's competitiveness

the company needs a new printing machine, which can not only provide maximum flexibility, more colors, lower production costs, but also help to increase the number of pages of newspapers in the long run

the main stream printer in Heidelberg is an eight page single cycle, double drum width printer. Mr. merger said that due to the reduction of the number of plate replacement, this 14. Hold printer greatly reduced the downtime between the two plates

the cutting size of the mainstream printing machine in Dauphine liberty newspaper will reach 500mm, and the drum width will be 1480mm, which will reduce the final size of the newspaper to 410mm x 590mm to 370m, but the stability and long-term reliability of mass production have not reached the mass production standard m x 500mm

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