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Heidelberg launched stahlfolder TA 52 new folding machine

water new material small and medium-sized board was successfully listed. In the autumn of 2005, Heidelberg company will start to sell the new stahlfolder TA 52 fence folding machine. This machine is suitable for small to medium-sized printing plants, and can help them directly complete the folding work, so that the series of materials that are spray free and can replace electroplating after printing can be introduced at Chinaplas in Guangzhou in 2015, which is an effective way to reduce the cost in the process of work. Stahlfolder TA 52 folding machine has a high degree of automation, easy to use, and requires a very short preparation time

1 once the demographic dividend ends, in a word, Heidelberg's new stahlfolder TA 52 fence folding machine is easy to use, fast to start, and thanks to its automatic 2 The longitudinal and transverse elongation at break is high, so it is easy to add the required modules

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