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Heidelberg: packaging and printing open and scalable solutions

Heidelberg in the 21st century is committed to providing open and scalable solutions for the development of the printing media industry. Whether you are a family enterprise, a large industrial enterprise, an expert in the prepress field, or a company specializing in post press processing, in every link of printing production

Prinect yineide JDF workflow

Heidelberg Prinect yineide JDF workflow is a modular, open and scalable prepress workflow system completely based on JDF. It is also the first tool in the world that can establish a workflow completely based on a single data format standard

adopting modular design and integrating all production steps horizontally and vertically is Heidelberg's unique secret. This means that this new generation of JDF workflow system covers the production process including content production, pre press processing, printing, post press processing and delivery. At the same time, modular design has special significance for small and medium-sized enterprises

they can configure components according to production needs, and the selection is more flexible

with an open workflow system, Heidelberg enables you to achieve full line production from prepress, printing to post printing with a high degree of automation, efficient production and cost savings. Heidelberg prime yinyide workflow is born for the entire printing industry and is a fully compatible and reliable data process. Therefore, it is not only applicable to users of Heidelberg equipment, but also users with other brand products can benefit a lot from it. Heidelberg customized JDF workflow solutions for users according to their needs, which enables new enterprises to understand the secrets of rapid growth from the real-time dynamic display of load value, displacement value, deformation value, experimental curve and so on in the entry-level solutions, while large industrial printing enterprises can find a clever plan to break through the bottleneck from the high-end solutions

yinyide workflow is a part of Heidelberg prime solution. Therefore, it is also cleverly integrated and closely connected with other members (prepress interface, image control, Mantianxing workflow, delta technology, collage, etc.). JDF workflow means that in the future, all steps and processes in printing production will be seamlessly linked, and a more solid and reliable industrial chain will be formed among enterprises, customers and suppliers. In the process of entering the prepress automation and even the digital era, the work flow of prime yinyide will be a decisive platform

Paula 137c paper cutter

Paula 137c paper cutter is a highly cost-effective product for starting machine power switch tailored for Chinese users, and it is also the latest embodiment of Paula's creativity. Paula 137c is a programmable high-speed paper cutter that embodies the latest cutting technology. The machine can accurately cut paper, paperboard, foil and other materials. Paula 137c is most suitable for processing materials with a diagonal length of not more than 137cm (maximum size 77x112cm). If the diagonal length exceeds 137cm (but the length of either side does not exceed 137cm), it is necessary to rotate the material on the rear workbench with a retractable side stop gauge. Bora 137c can cooperate with a variety of peripheral equipment, and the technical strength of graphite high-end industry is still far from that of foreign countries (paper pile lifting platform, automatic paper feeder, paper storage platform, toothed paper loading system, paper loading and unloading system, etc.) to form a cutting system with more functions, so as to reduce the workload of operators and improve work efficiency

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