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Heidelberg: offset printing machine cold out of control

Heidelberg CD-102 four-color offset printing machine is in operation. It is found that the cooling system of the water tank is out of control and cannot be cooled according to the temperature set in the CP window (no fault display). Open the electric cabinet of the water tank for inspection. It is found that the task of heat preservation and energy conservation in the outer wall of the circuit board is arduous, and the market development potential is huge. The power indicator of rel2 and rel4 solid-state relays is off, but the 8kzm relay controlling the compressor is still engaged; Then turn off the power, reset the cooling temperature of the water tank, and the temperature control is normal, but after the set temperature drops to the preset position, the compressor is still working, causing the water refrigeration circulator to freeze and fail to work normally

After measurement, it is found that the rel2 and rel4 relays are controlled by a temperature detector next to the compressor, while the 8kzm start relay of the compressor is controlled by the rel2 and rel4 relays. Judging from the warming of the international market, it is judged that the rel2 and rel4 relay contacts are not returned, which is the main reason for the loss of control of the compressor. So we found a similar relay by referring to the parameters of solid-state relay. After replacing the relay, we started the machine and checked that the refrigeration control worked normally

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