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The number of pneumatic tool shops has increased, and the market prospect observability analysis

according to the "market analysis and development prospect prediction report of China's pneumatic tool industry in", with the continuous improvement of the degree of production automation, the rapid expansion of the application field of pneumatic technology, the continuous variety and specification of pneumatic products, the use of cementitious materials such as clay, lime [3], gypsum, volcanic ash, etc., has increased, and the performance and quality have been continuously improved, The output value of market sales increased steadily. The development prospect of pneumatic tool industry is considerable. There are five development trends of pneumatic tools in the future: first, miniaturization and integration. Due to the limited development and limited space, the overall size of pneumatic components is required to be as small as possible, and integration can not only save space, but also be conducive to the reliability of installation, maintenance and work; Second, combination, intelligence and precision; Third, the pace of automation is accelerating. In order to improve productivity, the high-speed of pneumatic tools is an inevitable trend; Fourth, as people's requirements become higher and higher, the oil-free, tasteless and sterile functions of pneumatic tools will be continuously developed; Fifth, energy conservation and low power consumption are permanent topics for enterprises

mechanical industry analysts pointed out that the number of shops engaged in pneumatic tools business in China is rising, which shows that pneumatic tools products have a superior market environment and considerable development prospects

first of all, since pneumatic tools can be easily operated through the handle of the air supply valve and the adjustment of the regulating valve, more levels of options can be provided in the speed range. Compared with electric tools, especially those with uneven distribution, pneumatic tools still need to be improved in terms of working capacity. Pneumatic tools are more suitable for working for a long time without heating. Even if the compressed air engine is overloaded, once the load is relieved, it will resume normal operation

secondly, pneumatic tools have stronger water resistance and can better adapt to various bad or harsh environments than other tools in terms of environmental applicability. Finally, compared with electric tools, pneumatic tools have larger initial investment, but the cost of long-term use in energy consumption and tool maintenance is lower

for a long time, compared with manual tools, electric tools have greatly reduced labor intensity, improved work efficiency, and realized the mechanization of manual operation by virtue of their excellent controllability and operability. Compared with pneumatic tools, the host is less rigid, the tool cost is lower, and it is easier to control. However, with the continuous innovation of science and technology, pneumatic tools are gradually becoming a rising star in the hardware industry

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