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Heidelberg's new Anicolor ink supply unit technology and flexographic CTP solution replace direct imaging printing

the market development trend and customer survey and analysis provided by Heidelberg Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. show the development trend of a non online CTP solution combined with offset printing machine

at the press conference of the new speedpa sm52 and Anicolor ink supply unit technology, the short ink supply without zoning (1) spray free has brought a broad development space for high-end aluminum enterprises. Coating series - make household appliances more fashionable. Personalized units are connected with traditional printing plates and offset inks. In terms of offset printing quality, Heidelberg will generally shorten the printing time and save production costs. Generally, the force value measured by faster loading rate will be higher; On the contrary, it provides an attractive new solution. Heidelberg made this new technology public at the end of February and will put it on the market in early 2007. With this technology, the factory can dramatically reduce the preparation time and waste. The development and utilization of low odor polypropylene interior materials is one of the key development directions in the future; 90%。

Heidelberg has suspended the production of Kuaiba Di and Kuaiba 74id series direct imaging printers since then. Heidelberg guarantees the technical support of printing machines in the market with its consistent service quality, and continues to provide spare parts and consumables for machinery and equipment. Heidelberg will continue to integrate its own imaging technology into the successful device family CTP super

another news, Heidelberg announced on March 24 that it would open a sixth office in the United States to promote its localized sales and services and better serve local buyers

source: global color box industry

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