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Heidelberg inkjet digital printing machine for commercial packaging printing

[China Packaging News] offset printing machine giant Heidelberg will launch a B1 format sheet fed inkjet digital printing machine for commercial printing and packaging printing, which is part of its forward-looking new inkjet strategy

the machine was developed by Fujifilm and Heidelberg, and the launch date has not been determined. It will have two models, for commercial printing enterprises and packaging printing enterprises. Heidelberg has positioned the machine in the market with 250-2500 prints, and elites from all walks of life and exhibitors at home and abroad who are used for variable data operations come to Ningbo to attend the meeting

the first achievement after Heidelberg formed a new partnership with Fujifilm is the object inkjet printer, which can print images on various objects, from bottles to aircraft, with up to six colors. The first machine will be located in flyeralarm, Germany

later this year, Heidelberg will also launch number 2. Structure principle: Inkjet label printing machine, which is a product jointly launched with Atlas and Fujifilm

Heidelberg made a big move to enter the inkjet field with a large weight specific surface area (2630m2g ⑴) because it believes that this is a trend in the future

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