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Analysis on the new way of energy development with Chinese characteristics

energy is an important guarantee for economic and social development. Since the reform and opening up, China's energy industry has made great achievements, providing strong support for economic and social development, but the contradictions between limited energy storage and rapid growth of energy consumption, high-intensity development of energy resources and increased pressure on the ecological environment, extensive economic development mode and tight energy supply have also become increasingly prominent. In the new stage of development, to thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development and promote sound and rapid economic and social development, we must blaze a new path of energy development with Chinese characteristics

the needs of China's economic and social development and energy resource endowment determine that we must walk out of a new path of energy development with Chinese characteristics

China's coal based energy resource endowment determines the particularity of China's energy development path. According to the data released by the national development and Reform Commission, the proved reserves of coal, oil and natural gas in China account for 11%, 1.4% and 1.2% of the world respectively, and the per capita share is 55%, 11% and 5% of the world per capita level respectively. Energy resource endowment determines the energy consumption structure. China's coal based energy resources endowments make China's primary energy consumption structure quite different from the world's energy consumption structure. In 2006, the consumption structure of conventional fossil energy in China was 69.7% for coal, 21.1% for oil and 3.0% for natural gas. In the same year, coal accounted for 28.4%, oil 35.8% and natural gas 23.7% of the global energy consumption structure. In the absence of major energy technological changes and the emergence of new main energy sources in the kelcai Exhibition Center in Poland, which began in 1992, China's coal based energy production and consumption structure will be difficult to change in a long period of time. This objective situation determines that China must take a different path of energy development from other countries

the energy development path taken by western developed countries cannot be repeated. The western developed countries represented by Britain, the United States, France, Germany and other countries are taking an energy development path characterized by mass production, mass consumption and mass abandonment. In the 1990s, the per capita primary energy consumption of the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) was 6.2 tons, consuming 75% of the global energy. By 2050 or so, if the per capita energy consumption of developed countries is calculated, multiplied by the huge population, the total energy demand will reach nearly 10 billion tons of standard coal; If calculated at 70% of the per capita energy consumption in developed countries, it will also reach 6.5 billion tons of standard coal, accounting for about 60% of the current global energy production capacity, which is obviously impossible. This shows that the energy development path taken by western developed countries cannot be repeated

in the past, the way of high energy consumption and high pollution was difficult to sustain. Since the founding of new China, relying on institutional and political advantages, China has established an energy industry system in a relatively short time to ensure energy self-sufficiency. Since the reform and opening up, China has achieved the goal of quadrupling the total economic output by doubling energy. However, as China is still in the primary stage of socialism, the productivity level is not high on the whole, the structural contradictions and extensive growth mode formed for a long time have not been fundamentally changed, low-level repeated construction and multi head management of energy have led to high-intensity development and inefficient utilization of energy resources. This development mode of Huaibei City in establishing Anhui ceramic aluminum New Materials Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University has been unsustainable

energy science and technology innovation provides opportunities for exploring a new path of energy development with Chinese characteristics. At present, many countries attach importance to energy science and technology innovation, and have put forward energy development strategies and plans, competing to develop new energy such as hydropower, wind energy, nuclear energy, solar energy, and have formed a certain scale. In 2006, global new energy accounted for 13.6% of total energy consumption. China has also made some progress in the utilization of hydropower, wind energy, nuclear energy and solar energy, and the research and development level of hydrogen energy and fuel cells ranks in the forefront of the world. The innovation of energy science and technology has opened up broad prospects for the progress of human civilization. Relying on the innovation of energy science and technology and opening up a new road of energy development can make our country get rid of the dependence on the traditional industrialization path and walk out of a new road of energy development with Chinese characteristics

to take a new path of energy development with Chinese characteristics, we should start with updating the traditional energy utilization mode, developing renewable energy, improving energy utilization efficiency, etc.

promote the modernization of traditional energy utilization. China is rich in coal resources, which can be used for at least a hundred years. It is the most reliable cornerstone of national energy security. The root cause of environmental pollution, climate change and other problems is not fossil energy itself, but the failure of conventional combustion technology and poor governance of the combustion process. We should modernize the processing and utilization of traditional energy such as coal and oil, so that they can be "reborn", which not only provides a strong driving force for modernization, but also makes full use of these valuable resources. The modern utilization of traditional energy can provide safe, reliable, clean and efficient energy for economic and social development, and provide guarantee for moving forward from fossil energy system to sustainable energy system

realize the large-scale development of renewable energy. Renewable energy refers to non fossil energy such as wind energy, solar energy, hydro energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy and ocean energy. This kind of energy is renewable, has great potential and is conducive to environmental protection. China's new and renewable energy has great development potential. It is predicted that the available renewable energy resources in China are 7.3 billion tons of standard coal/year, while the current development volume is only about 50million tons of standard coal, 5.5 percentage points lower than the world average utilization rate. We should put the development of renewable energy in a strategic position, make full use of hydropower, biogas, solar energy and geothermal energy with mature technology and good economy, accelerate the industrialization of wind power generation, biomass power generation and solar power generation, and constantly improve the proportion of renewable energy in energy consumption

promote the efficient utilization of energy. To improve energy efficiency, we should save energy and reduce consumption in the whole process of development, processing and conversion, storage and transportation, and terminal utilization. Formulate strict standards for the protection and development of energy resources to improve the efficiency of production and development; Change the situation of high energy consumption in key areas such as construction and transportation, and resolutely restrict the development of high energy consumption and high pollution industries; Relying on scientific and technological progress and policy guidance, we should vigorously improve the energy efficiency of industrial industries, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and promote the transformation of economic growth from mainly relying on increasing the consumption of material resources to mainly relying on scientific and technological progress, improving the quality of workers, and management innovation. Establish a safe, efficient and clean energy consumption and utilization structure mode, so that the limited energy resources can play a higher role, and achieve high per capita productivity, high yield and low energy consumption and low emissions per unit of GDP

to take a new path of energy development with Chinese characteristics, we must establish and improve the system, legal system and scientific and technological security system

build a unified and efficient energy supervision and management system. First, establish a unified and efficient energy management organization. Strengthen institutional integration, centralize the functions related to energy management currently scattered in multiple departments, and increase the purchase cost of each bag by at least 0.5 yuan; Considering the volume of 8.3 billion plastic bags in the express industry in 2015, explore the implementation of a large department system with organic and unified functions, and improve the coordination and cooperation mechanism between departments. The second is to build an energy market supervision system. Correctly handle the relationship between government decision-making departments and supervision and management departments, promote the separation of politics and supervision, and speed up the construction of an organizational independent, professional and clear-cut regulatory body. Third, improve the system of energy development. Quantify the sustainable development of energy and the tasks of energy conservation and emission reduction into hard targets, decompose and implement them to all departments, industries, regions and relevant enterprises, implement the target system and assessment and evaluation system, and build a strong security system

strive to tackle key problems in energy science and technology. Concentrate efforts to overcome major technologies and equipment such as ultra-high voltage power transmission and transformation technology, magnetic confinement nuclear fusion, hydrogen energy and fuel cells, solar high-purity silicon material technology, large-scale wind power and biomass power generation, so as to provide technical support for the leapfrog development of energy. Adhere to the principle of independence, carry out extensive international exchanges and cooperation, make full use of international scientific and technological resources, draw on the strengths of others, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and achieve the results of energy scientific and technological innovation with independent intellectual property rights through original innovation, integrated innovation and introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation

improve the price, tax, fiscal and other economic incentive mechanisms conducive to energy development. Strengthen the policy guidance of energy and resource conservation and efficient utilization, integrate resources, environment, security and other factors into the cost accounting system, and establish a price formation mechanism and price system based on the supply and demand relationship of the energy market, promoting energy conservation, emission reduction and structural adjustment. Take effective measures to cultivate a sustainable and stable renewable energy market; We will implement preferential tax policies and focus on supporting scientific and technological research, application demonstration and industrialization of renewable energy. We will improve fiscal policies to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and concentrate necessary financial and material resources to ensure the construction of key energy projects

improve the system of energy laws and regulations. We will improve laws and regulations on energy conservation, including building energy conservation, transportation energy conservation and government agency energy conservation, but we have never been lax in bringing them into the scope of legal adjustment, and accelerate the formulation of relevant supporting regulations and implementation rules. Timely introduce laws and regulations on the development and supervision of energy resources, price and tax management, the entry and exit of energy enterprises, and the promotion of clean energy technology development, so as to promote the efficient allocation and sustainable development and utilization of resources. Establish as soon as possible a system of regulations and standards, a policy support system, a supervision and management system and a technical service system that are compatible with the socialist market economic system and conducive to improving energy efficiency. We will establish and improve the energy consumption audit system and strengthen the legal system in all aspects of energy resource exploitation, storage and transportation, production and consumption. (guoyuntao, director of the research center of the State Administration of work safety)

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