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North China's first Heidelberg full-size equipment speedpa XL 162 settled in Shandong Zibo pengyuxiang packaging and printing

the first Heidelberg speedpa XL 162 six color printing in North China successfully operated in pengyuxiang

full format peak equipment performs excellent and high productivity packaging and printing production

PENG Yuxiang also introduced Heidelberg full format super CTP

on August 28, 2012, The on-site demonstration of Heidelberg xuba XL162 super large format offset printing machine jointly organized by Heidelberg China Co., Ltd. Beijing Representative Office and Zibo pengyuxiang Packaging Printing Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Banyang villa, Lutai, Zibo City, Shandong Province. Mr. Li ruokun, general manager of Heidelberg Beijing Representative Office, and Mr. Hou Peng, general manager of Zibo pengyuxiang Packaging Printing Co., Ltd., visited the site and delivered congratulatory messages. The event attracted the attention of nearly 100 colleagues and end customers from the local and surrounding industries. The wonderful on-site presentation and lifelike print quality were even more fascinating, bringing the whole on-site atmosphere to a climax

figure note: the first Heidelberg ultra large format equipment in North China has attracted peers from far and near to see the style.

after introducing the first enhanced Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102 offset press in Shandong Province in 2007, Zibo pengyuxiang once again threw an olive branch to Heidelberg company and invested in the first Heidelberg Speedmaster XL162 offset press and Heidelberg Speedmaster 162 computer direct plate making machine in northern China. The two sides have formed a tacit understanding in the long-term cooperation. Heidelberg's product technology, workflow, performance and service are very trustworthy. With the production of this high-end equipment, it will help it achieve unprecedented breakthroughs in the field of packaging and printing, said Mr. houpeng, the general manager, confidently

figure note: the large, intelligent and flexible Heidelberg xuba XL 162 is very impressive on the scene

now means that the market competition will inevitably intensify in the future. During the demonstration, the salesperson of Heidelberg company comprehensively introduced the development status and development trend of the packaging and printing market to the guests. Heidelberg xuba XL162 has various advantages as a peak product in the field of ultra large format offset printing machines. Hidden in its majestic appearance are its excellent and stable production efficiency, highly intelligent actual transaction, in fact, the optimistic operating platform and flexible and diverse product applicability. With the smooth digital workflow before printing, the preparation time of printing operation is greatly shortened, the production cost is reduced, and the production efficiency is improved. 300 grams of white cardboard with 1190mm*1620mm format was selected on site. CTP still can't troubleshoot the above problems. Combined with high-quality saifeiyang series consumables, it highlights the unique super large format packaging printing processing ability and technical advantages of the printing machine xuba XL162. The whole printing process was fast and stable, and the prints were colorful. All the guests present were shocked by this printing superstar

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