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Heidelberg company press conference - Heidelberg's new CTP solution

Wald gerl, CEO of LuChen new materials, and Xiao Jing, chief professional chief engineer of GAC Automotive Engineering Research Institute, made an appearance at the Beijing International Printing Exhibition. At present, the increasing number of live parts and shortening the cycle are the trends in the printing market, while the printing machines of large and medium-sized companies work two to three shifts a day, so the supply of printing plates is becoming more and more problematic. Market demand is calling for a set of efficient, reliable and high-quality prepress solutions. At the Beijing International Printing Exhibition, Heidelberg Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. (Heidelberg) unveiled its powerful Dingsheng series of computer direct plate making (CTP) machines. Full automatic and semi-automatic models can help printing companies make full use of all potential and ensure the reliability of their production. Dingsheng 74 - simple and efficient Dingsheng 74 is designed to meet the needs of quarto printing. It brings the key benefits of CTP technology to business printing companies: faster production speed, more maneuverability, lower raw material consumption and labor costs. The design of Dingsheng 74 is suitable for four open (28 inch) format operations. The combination of mature external drum technology and 32 channel laser diode system will even cause safety accidents, so that Dingsheng can operate at a very fast speed. The compact semi-automatic standard model has high productivity, with 17 printing plates per hour (resolution 2400 DPI). If customers have higher requirements, automatic version loader can be selected to realize full-automatic production. After selecting the plate loader, 100 printing plates can be produced continuously without manual intervention. When the printing plate is taken out, the system automatically removes the backing paper, and uses vacuum suction to fix it and position it to prevent scratching the printing plate. It can increase and prolong the service life. In order to strengthen the convenience of operation and improve productivity, two sets of options are provided for semi-automatic and full-automatic models: coordinated punching machine and different models of registration and punching system (applicable to Heidelberg and user-defined printing plate format). The format of the printing plate can be flexibly selected to adapt to different printing machines. Dingsheng 74 can phototypeset plates with sizes of 467 x 394 mm and 324 x 492 mm up to 830 x 645 mm, with resolutions from 1200 DPI to 4000 DPI. There are four options. This CTP plate making machine is based on mature thermal Phototypesetting Technology, which is characterized by accurate generation of halftone dots and long service life of printing plates. Dingsheng 102 is a fully automatic model that brings you top-level effects. For those high-yield printing companies looking for high-energy and productive external drum plate making machines for folio printing, Dingsheng 102 is their best choice. This fully automatic model is equipped with multiple boxes of plate loader, which can produce 500 printing plates by itself, and the quality of each plate is equally excellent. In addition to the single box automatic version loading and unloading device with a capacity of 100 printing plates, you can also choose a standard model with multiple boxes of automatic version loading device, including five version boxes, each box can store 100 printing plates. Like type 74 of the same series, Dingsheng 102 can also automatically remove the interlining paper between versions. The punching machine and the built-in register punching device are equipped with full-automatic and semi-automatic models at the same time, which can be applied to Heidelberg and various customer-defined formats. Dingsheng 102 is designed for folio printing with a 70 x 100 cm printing machine. The size of the printing plate ranges from 650 x 550 mm to 1160 x 940 mm, and a variety of printing machine formats can be selected. Due to the advanced thermal technology and the ability to support six different resolutions from 1200 DPI to 4000 DPI, the quality of the printing plates produced by Dingsheng 102 can meet the requirements of the most picky customers. Once high production efficiency is required, the four open and dual boot models of Dingsheng family will show their advantages. Dingsheng 74 and 102 CTP systems, whether fully automatic or semi-automatic, are specially made for large and medium-sized printing plants that want to develop their full production capacity. Heidelberg's brand can meet the current rapidly changing market to ensure that the choice of top win is to choose high quality. Dingsheng 102 will have a wonderful performance at the Beijing International Printing Exhibition. Since the third quarter of 2000, it has begun to supply goods in Europe. For more information, please contact: Heidelberg China Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhu Zhongji: + Fax: + 2200 email: u@ or visit our website

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