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Gabon Minister of water and forest promised to provide national support for timber companies

release date: Source: China wood industry information

Minister of water and forest Lee white promised to provide national support for companies that want to process timber locally. In order to achieve the goal that Gabon's national timber sector has become the most lactam producing sector in the country's labor force, it has been integrated into the arlanzeo joint venture, It has a very broad utilization prospect, especially by strengthening its local processing policy. The Minister of water and forestry promised that the country would participate in the industrialization project

in order to realize the ambition of the country's leader, to make the timber industry one of the country's largest employers, and to strengthen the processing policy at the local level before any export, Lee white plans to involve all companies engaged in wood processing. Especially in the whole country, many of them do not have efficient processing plants. In order to carry out the task of controlling and monitoring forestry and wildlife activities, the Minister of water and forests recently promised that Koulamoutou and Lastourville would join the ranks of Gabon countries together with companies wishing to participate more in industrialization

"Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of the Republic Instruct us to meet the challenge and firmly commit to it: the challenge of creating 30000 jobs in three years. We have an obligation to achieve this goal. We will support your industrialization projects and the transition to the second and third transformation

when Professor Lee White was in ogoou é -lolo, he said that the hub area has great support for Owendo port. The Ministry of water and forest manages and processes the transportation of timber from the forestry plant to the port of Irving at the transportation platform. The purpose is to optimize the transportation process

"evacuating containers from Lastourville will reduce the storage capacity of Owendo port, reduce costs and increase timber exports. The minister also said that this will enable the whole experimental process to be smoother and more efficient, including improving the profitability of enterprises and ultimately creating more employment opportunities

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