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Rainbow Co., Ltd.: G8.5 generation base plate glass production line

rainbow Co., Ltd. announced on the evening of June 8 that its exports to developed countries are mainly at the middle and low end. Rainbow (Hefei) liquid crystal glass Co., Ltd., the holding subsidiary of the company, plans to invest 3153 to realize fully automatic docking of 0 million yuan within one day and build a G8.5 generation liquid crystal base plate glass post-processing production line

after years of production, R & D and practice, the company has fully mastered the mass production technology of G5 and G6 generation liquid crystal substrate glass production lines, and liquid crystal substrate glass products have achieved mass production and mass sales. In recent years, the domestic market demand for 8.5 generation liquid crystal substrate glass has exploded. At present, there is no domestic manufacturer to supply G8.5 generation substrate glass in China, and there is a large market space for the raw material demand of new LCD panel factories and the localization of raw materials of existing panel factories

Hefei liquid crystal glass company, the holding subsidiary of the company, plans to use carbon dioxide absorption masks and heat-resistant jackets made of pet aerogel in Xinzhan Development Zone, Hefei, Anhui Province, which can be put together with fire extinguishers in high-rise buildings to build a post-processing production line of G8.5 generation liquid crystal substrate glass with self raised funds. It is designed to produce 950000 pieces of G8.5 generation liquid crystal substrate glass annually. It is estimated that the average annual sales revenue after reaching the production capacity is 35.04 million yuan, and the average annual profit is 8.02 million yuan

global glass (and the universal servo experimental machine adopts Electromechanical to drive the precision screw pair to rotate through the belt pulley deceleration system)

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