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There are 35 representative enterprises of Yangneng photovoltaic glass, a whitening product loved by Asians in Hongze County. On the morning of September 25, Hongze yingfeinidi (Israel) venture capital fund, the first scientific and technological innovation fund company in Northern Jiangsu, was established. Gaozheming, President of Israel yingfeinidi investment group, Chen Hong, chairman of Shenzhen anxuan Group Co., Ltd., and leaders of Huai'an City and Hongze County unveiled Hongze yingfeinidi (Israel) venture capital fund company and Hongze yingfeinidi (Israel) venture capital management company

Hongze Infiniti (Israel) venture capital fund is a joint venture company jointly invested and established by Infiniti Capital Management Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Anxian investment group. The investment scale of the company is five years and the duration is seven years. The expected scale of the fund is 1billion yuan, of which the scale of the first phase is 200million yuan, which is jointly subscribed by Infineon Capital Management Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen anxuan investment group. The fund will focus on the security industry, focus on the projects of Hongze County Government and its affiliated enterprises in Hongze, and cover the fields of new energy, semiconductor lighting, smart electricity, water treatment, green agriculture and new materials that the state allows investment. In the next five years, Infiniti (Israel) venture capital fund will help four Hongze enterprises achieve listing

Infiniti Capital Management Co., Ltd. is a cross-border equity investment fund management group focusing on the Chinese market. It is the leading Chinese foreign cooperative unincorporated venture capital fund approved by the government and the international fund with the largest number of RMB funds. It has 12 funds with assets of more than 1.5 billion yuan and 700 million US dollars under management. Since its establishment in 1993, the group has invested in more than 100 enterprises, with an average internal rate of return of 36%

Shenzhen Anxian investment group is a leading enterprise in the IOT industry engaged in the diversified development of urban emergency rescue command and dispatching system solution design, IOT technology research and development and application. The group belongs to the "China Anxin" and has been successfully listed in Hong Kong. In 2010, Hongxin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., invested and established by the group in Hongze, was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. The "automobile ID card" product independently developed by the company is currently being piloted and promoted in Huai'an City

"I didn't expect that Northern Jiangsu has such a broad vision, and I didn't expect that Hongze has begun to pay attention to innovation funds." Not long ago, at the signing ceremony held in Israel, the main leading comrades of the Jiangsu provincial Party committee gave full affirmation to Hongze's successful cooperation with infinity Capital Management Co., Ltd

why choose Hongze? Gao Zhe, President of Israel Infiniti investment group, improved the overall development level of China's new material industry. Ming said that Hongze has a very beautiful environment, a very strong executive leadership and a good infrastructure for experimental analysis at the outermost edge, 1/2r and heart of the end face of the forging riser side. The entry of the fund will help Hongze local enterprises provide more services in the field of capital market, industrial transformation and upgrading and technological upgrading. At the same time, Israel's advanced technology and management experience are grafted with Hongze's well-developed enterprises

in recent years, Hongze has made remarkable achievements in scientific and technological innovation, and emerging industries have begun to take shape. The seven major emerging industries identified by the state have developed to varying degrees in Hongze County. Among them, there are 35 new materials represented by melamine and aramid, new energy represented by solar photovoltaic glass and solar photovoltaic modules, and software enterprises represented by Anxin smart port. In 2010, the output value was 5.01 billion yuan, accounting for 17.2% of the industrial output value. The establishment of Hongze yingfeinidi (Israel) venture capital fund will play a positive role in promoting Hongze's scientific and technological innovation, the development of emerging industries, and accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading

at the unveiling ceremony, Israel Infineon Capital Management Co., Ltd. also signed strategic cooperation agreements with Hongze County enterprises Jiangsu Ruite Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Yilong New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. to support the two enterprises in terms of capital, consulting and technology. In addition, the government of Hongze County has issued the entry keys to 10 software enterprises that have concentrated in the Hongze software industrial park

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