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Fuzhou southern building materials market group with limited layout will be relocated next year

Fuzhou southern building materials market group with limited layout will be relocated next year

September 24, 2014

[China paint information] the flow of people and vehicles is large, and the logistics is limited; Limited market area, storage bottlenecks; Located in the central urban area, congestion, safety and other issues also affect the smooth operation of the city... With the expansion of the urban territory and the adjustment of the functional layout, the market relocation is the only way. According to the requirements of Fuzhou urban master plan, the large-scale commercial logistics wholesale market will gradually go beyond the third ring road

aofengzhou flower and bird market, Fuxing Development Zone steel market and southern building materials market group are about to move, and more than 10 markets will be moved out of the urban area in four years

next month, aofengzhou flower and bird market and Fuxing Economic Development Zone steel market will be relocated. In January next year, the southern building materials market group will also be relocated

since the relocation of Aofeng aquatic products wholesale market in 2010, Fuzhou has started the process of "big market out of the city". Over the past four years, more than 10 large and medium-sized professional markets in the urban area have successively moved out

nowadays, Mawei, Cangshan, Minhou and Changle around the central urban area have emerged as larger new markets. The new and the old alternate, with pains and rebirth; There are differentiation and agglomeration; There are losses, but more gains... After a period of adaptation, this new market with larger scale, better equipment and higher grade may be rejuvenated and more prosperous

at most, the formation of dozens of urban markets is not a day's work

Fuzhou people used to call Taijiang agricultural wholesale market "Tainong". In the 1980s, a batch of stalls selling rice, mushrooms and other agricultural and sideline products gathered at the Taijiang wharf, which gradually became the climate and formed the most prosperous wholesale market in Taijiang. Since then, the market has been expanding. Because there are too many large trucks in and out, the roads are often blocked, and there is no large area nearby for parking and unloading. After 2000, merchants have successively moved their shops to Aofeng, and "Tainong" has transformed into a clothing wholesale market

after the relocation of "Tainong", it quickly opened branches and scattered leaves. It was described in the introduction of Aofeng Street: "The thriving trade industry is the regional feature of Aofeng street. It once owned 11 large wholesale markets, including Fuzhou melon and fruit city, flower and bird market, antique calligraphy and painting market, vegetable wholesale market, pepper and spice wholesale market, poultry and egg wholesale market, livestock slaughter trading market, Strait Food City, oil market, aquatic products wholesale market, shellfish market, and undertook the supply and transit of major non-staple food in Fuzhou"

on the Chemical Road in Jin'an District, there is also a building materials and home furnishing market gathered by chemical paint shops; Cangshan Shangdu is because a log yard has evolved into a timber wholesale market... According to incomplete statistics, at most, there are dozens of wholesale markets in Fuzhou

more than 10

have been moved out in the past four years. In half a month, the aofengzhou flower and bird market, which has gone through 10 years, will be relocated to the Fuzhou National Art Flower and bird crafts comprehensive market near Cangshan Bay. At that time, there will be no market for Aofeng, which once gathered in the market

not only that, on October 1 this year, the steel market within the planning scope of Fuxing Economic Development Zone will also be closed and moved to Changle Heshang steel logistics park. The relocation of the southern building materials market group in Jin'an District (including the Southern decorative materials market, the southern stone market, and the southern building materials market. The following is a description of the experiment: the market, etc.) will also be started in January 2015 and completed in June 2015. According to the plan, Nantong southeast International Building Materials City in Minhou County and Jingxi Strait International Home Building Materials City in Minhou County connect the relocation of the southern building materials market group through market-oriented operation, and create a headquarters base cluster of building materials and home furnishings in Northeast Fujian

in fact, as early as 2010, the wholesale markets of aquatic products, vegetables, fruits, non-staple food, poultry, etc. in Aofeng area were successively relocated to the Strait aquatic products trading center in Mawei and the strait agricultural and sideline products logistics center in Nantong, Minhou, marking the prelude to the migration of Fuzhou professional market

Over the past four years, more than 10 large and medium-sized professional markets in the urban area have successively moved out

at the end of December, 2011, the four major used car markets in the urban area, including Ziyang, Strait, Asia Pacific and China Insurance, were moved to Minhou Strait Auto Culture Plaza. Subsequently, more than 20 4S brand franchises also successively settled here

in May 2012, the phase I product trading area of Fuzhou (lianjiang) Strait steel trade city metal trading market was opened to the public, and the steel markets in five urban areas, including the southern steel market, were successively relocated here

in April, 2013, due to small market capacity, difficult vehicle access, many fire hazards, expiration of lease and other reasons, Fuzhou shoe city, which has been "camping" for 21 years on Guohuo East Road, moved to Lijia international shoe city and Oriental famous city shoe city respectively

on December 1, 2013, the xiyingli farmers' market in nanmentou was closed and moved to Panyu Road, Cangshan

according to the implementation plan for the relocation of urban professional markets, the existing wholesale markets in the Third Ring Road of Fuzhou urban area will be relocated to the surrounding areas in principle, and the professional markets dominated by wholesale of bulk materials will no longer be retained in the central urban area. According to the plan, Shangdu timber wholesale market will also be relocated. Chenyandun, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and trade services, said that after the relocation of flower and bird market, southern building materials market, Fuxing steel market and Shangdu timber wholesale market, the relocation of Fuzhou urban large wholesale market will come to an end temporarily

expand territory and look forward to new glory

Lao Lin is one of the major players in the Strait vegetable wholesale market. He has been engaged in vegetable trade for more than 10 years. In 2010, Yafeng vegetable wholesale market moved to the Strait vegetable wholesale market, and he also moved with it. Over the years, his business has grown bigger and bigger. "In the four years since the relocation, the business varieties have expanded from 20 to 60, and the annual trading volume has increased fourorfive times, with the trading volume increasing at a rate of 8% every year." When it comes to the business situation after the relocation, Lao Lin is very happy. He told that the area of the new market is twice that of the old market. The high-speed exit is nearby, and large trucks can pass through 24 hours. Now his customers are not only all over the province, but also in surrounding provinces such as Zhejiang

after moving into the new market, like Lao Lin, there are many merchants whose business is becoming more and more prosperous. They have excellent air resistance, transparency, gloss, mechanical strength, scalability, wear resistance, cold resistance and surface strength. Since the relocation four years ago, the logistics center of agricultural and sideline products in the Strait, which integrates the four major markets, has developed rapidly. Last year, the transaction volume reached 14billion yuan, an increase of 40%. Following the completion of the capping of 60000 ton cold storage, the strait agricultural and sideline products logistics center is building a trading platform according to the o2o model and vigorously developing e-commerce

the aquatic product market relocated in the same year also took on a new look in Mawei. The Strait aquatic products wholesale market has sent your equipment home, becoming the largest aquatic products trading market in China, with a trading volume of 20billion yuan last year, an increase of 67%. Not only that, relying on the physical market, the ASEAN seafood exchange was established to build China's first overseas seafood exchange

and xiyingli market also found new opportunities in the new site. Since the opening of the new xiyingli market at the end of last year, merchants in the market have taken advantage of the greater warehousing and logistics capabilities of the new market to vigorously expand new businesses and new customers. It is estimated that the transaction volume this year is expected to exceed 10billion yuan, nearly twice that before the relocation

some people are happy and others are worried. After the relocation, many operators of Fuzhou shoe city, which was divided into two parts, have not yet "recovered". In addition to the good trading situation of second-hand cars, the new car sales at the Strait Auto Culture Plaza in Qingkou, Minhou, are temporarily out of shape due to problems such as duplication and differentiation with 4S stores in the urban area

in Chen Yandun's view, the relocation of the new market will experience a short "pain", but in the long run, the new market will be closer to the transportation hub, coupled with the expansion of scale, space expansion and the improvement of overall supporting facilities, the influence will be stronger and the radiation range will be wider, which also means that there is more room for development. And consumers will also be more convenient when purchasing goods, and have a wider range of choices

"from the current situation, the development situation of major markets outside the city is generally good. With the continuous completion and improvement of roads, railways, water transportation and airports, the large-scale professional markets in our city will also be seamlessly connected with the development of modern logistics industry, making it a reality for our large-scale professional markets to radiate the whole province and move towards the whole country." He also said that the professional wholesale market will not only bring large transportation, warehousing, logistics and other supporting facilities, but also guide the follow-up of public housing apartments, public facilities and other living supporting facilities. The popularity of new markets and the follow-up of supporting facilities will form new urban centers around Fuzhou and form a benign interaction with the urbanization development of Fuzhou

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