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Improve quality Gansu promotes "product" to "brand"

quality, brand and innovation have become the connotation of economic growth. Whether economic growth is quality, effective and sustainable has become the focus of close attention. Gansu, as an economically underdeveloped province in the west, has a weak solid economic foundation, lacking both scale, production capacity and speed, as well as quality, innovation and brand cold and hot impact testing machine, which is also known as high and low temperature impact testing box or temperature impact testing box

from the current development situation, Gansu's industrial level is low, the development mode is relatively extensive, the transformation speed of new and old kinetic energy is slow, and the main economic indicators have been in the lower reaches of the country for a long time, so it is very difficult to transform and upgrade. Especially since last year, the traditional industries with heavy industrial structure in Gansu can not well adapt to the changes of total demand and demand structure, and the economic development of the province is facing difficulties. The main economic indicators have been falling all the way, bucking the trend, and there are relatively prominent contradictions and problems in the operation of industrial economy

quality becomes the main keynote of Gansu's economic development

"The fundamental driving force to boost economic development lies in high-quality development. Quality improvement is an effective measure to solve the economic downturn in Gansu. We must firmly grasp the fundamental requirement of promoting high-quality development, guide the policy focus to pursue quality and efficiency, and promote the provincial economy to pay more attention to the improvement of quality and efficiency, the enhancement of stability and sustainability, and the intensive and connotative development while maintaining a certain growth rate The way of development will promote the quality change, efficiency change and power change of Gansu economy. " Ma Ping, director of the office of Gansu Provincial Quality Development Leading Group and director of the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, said that the contribution rate of quality to improving total factor productivity and promoting economic development has increased significantly, making high-quality development the main theme and main line of Gansu's economic and social development, and laying a solid foundation for the high-quality economic and social development of the province

based on this background, Gansu issued the "implementation plan on carrying out quality improvement actions". The "plan" at the provincial Party committee and government level proposed that the quality of the supply system of key industries, key enterprises, key products and services in the province should be significantly improved by carrying out quality improvement actions. By 2020, the quality of key products in the province will reach the domestic advanced level, the quality of leading and advantageous products will reach the domestic or international leading level, and the qualified rate of quality supervision and spot check of key consumer goods will be stable at more than 90%, The qualified rate of random inspection of product quality in the manufacturing industry is stable at more than 92%

according to the introduction, in view of the different needs of key industries, product quality supply level and enterprise quality improvement, the plan puts forward specific measures for the optimization and upgrading of traditional advantageous industries and the quality improvement of strategic emerging industries; Focus on the quality level of consumer goods, regional key products and brand products. At the same time, in order to promote the development of county economy, we should improve the quality level of industrial parks and strive to build a high-quality county economy and industrial development system

promote the upgrading of traditional advantageous industries

petrochemical industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, advanced equipment manufacturing, new coal chemical industry, etc. are the traditional advantageous industries in Gansu. Focusing on the above industries, Gansu proposes to organize and implement a number of key quality and technological transformation projects to promote the development of Coal Electrochemical smelting cycle and the coupling development of new energy and modern high load energy. It will also coordinate the collaborative research and innovation of core basic parts (components), basic materials, basic processes and key technologies in key industries, support backbone enterprises to promote technological transformation by aiming at the benchmark of the same industry at home and abroad, comprehensively improve the level of product technology, process equipment, quality benefits, energy-efficient environmental protection and safety production, increase technology and product innovation, and improve added value and scientific and technological content

in addition, actively build 10 industrial chains, including synthetic materials and fine chemicals, new chemical materials, copper aluminum alloys and deep processing, nickel cobalt new materials and battery materials, rare earth functional materials, petrochemical and energy equipment, intelligent equipment, characteristic Chinese and Tibetan medicine, biomedicine, high-quality and characteristic agricultural products deep processing, so as to promote the transformation of traditional advantageous industries from semi-finished products to finished products, and from extensive and inefficient to high-quality and efficient, Move forward from the middle and low end of the industrial chain to the middle and high end, and develop circularly from the short chain to the whole chain, cultivate new drivers of industrial development, and promote the adjustment, optimization and upgrading of industrial structure

wangshangxue, member of the Party group and deputy director of Gansu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said that accelerating the implementation of the standardization and quality improvement plan of equipment manufacturing industry can not only promote the deep integration of new industrialization and informatization in Gansu, but also promote the adjustment of traditional industrial structure and the overall improvement of technology, equipment and management level. It can also accelerate the industrial cooperation between Gansu's advantageous industries and countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt, and cultivate comprehensive competitive advantages with technology, standards, brands, quality and services as the core

improve the quality of strategic emerging industries

it is understood that new energy, new materials, high-end equipment and intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine, information technology, etc. will be the focus of Gansu's development in the coming period. According to the plan, the foothold of cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries will be on improving quality and efficiency, and the overall battle to improve the quality of strategic emerging industries will be deeply implemented through technology, standards, models Management and other innovations, stimulate the vitality of quality innovation, make breakthroughs in key areas and key technologies, and cultivate a number of new pillar industries and new economic growth points

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at the same time, focusing on high-tech products with core competitiveness, high added value, development potential, independent intellectual property rights and reflecting the direction of economic development in Gansu, we will implement the construction plan of high-tech industry standard system, speed up the formulation of standards in key areas, and drive the rapid development of high-tech industry. We will increase the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote the vigorous development of new technologies, new industries and new business forms, give birth to a number of new industries and enterprise clusters, and constantly improve the development scale and quality of strategic emerging industries

improve the quality level of consumer goods

the plan clearly stipulates that through the in-depth implementation of the consumer goods standards and quality improvement plan, Gansu consumer goods industry will be promoted to increase varieties, improve quality, create brands, and support people's consumption needs. For enterprises, personalized customization, scale customization and high-end customization should be developed to promote the transformation of product supply to "product + when the experimental force is applied to more than 13kn points, it is mainly a narrow fluctuation, and a loud sound service is heard"

promoting the production and distribution enterprises of consumer goods to implement the quality subject is the key to steadily improve the overall quality level of consumer goods. Gansu will carry out activities such as standard publicity and implementation, technical training, quality analysis and improvement, measurement ability improvement, product testing, etc., to help consumer goods production enterprises find and solve the constraints of product quality improvement, comprehensively carry out the project of "the same line, the same standard and the same quality" of domestic and foreign products, give play to the leading role of export enterprises in high-quality products, improve the quality of product supply, and meet the domestic medium and high-end consumer demand

improve the quality development ability of enterprises

for a long time, the quality management of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises in Gansu has been a short board. According to the plan, we will improve the quality basic ability of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises by focusing on improving the quality development level of Enterprises above designated size. Implement the quality training plan of "one thousand people and one thousand enterprises", select more than 350 heads of small, medium and micro enterprises to carry out free training on basic quality capabilities every year, and promote small, medium and micro enterprises to comprehensively improve their quality management level. Deepen quality service enterprise activities, select 100 small, medium-sized and micro enterprises to carry out point-to-point precise assistance every year, promote enterprise upgrading, and promote the collaborative improvement of the quality management level of the whole production chain

at the same time, we should strengthen the guidance and support for the development of enterprise quality, speed up the construction of enterprise quality information management system, and implement enterprise quality classification management. Conscientiously implement quality incentive policies and measures, and give priority support and preference to enterprises and organizations with advanced quality brands in terms of project construction, financing and credit, technological transformation, scientific and technological innovation, evaluation and excellence, etc

Ma Ping said that the "plan" is an urgent requirement to solve Gansu's development problems, accelerate the transformation of development mode, promote the reform of economic development quality, and build a modern economic system. It is also an internal requirement to promote the all-round high-quality development of the province and realize the strategic transformation of strengthening the province by quality. It has great and far-reaching significance for Gansu's current and future economic and social development

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