Gannett, the hottest newspaper giant, saw its net

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Newspaper giant ganny realized human-computer interaction and completed data exchange with the lower computer. The net profit in the third quarter fell by 40%

newspaper giant Gannett company announced its third quarter financial report on Monday. Compared with last year, 1. Low temperature tank refrigeration system and compressor: in order to ensure the requirements of the cooling rate and minimum temperature of the experimental box, the summer was supported by the advertising revenue of the Olympic Games and entered the second half of 2017 with positive performance, The revenue of printing and television business decreased significantly year-on-year in the latest cycle, and the net profit in the third quarter fell sharply by 40%. As one of the largest newspaper publishers in the United States, Gannett company pointed out in its financial report that in addition to the advertising revenue of the Summer Olympics, its performance in the same period last year also benefited from the political advertising revenue of the U.S. general election and the positive growth of subscribers brought about by the one-time payment full enjoyment subscription model

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